A vanity table is a better system to store your makeup brush and other items, making it easier to get ready for the day ahead and groom oneself. Bathroom vanities in Australia come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one could be daunting. 

Vanities are in trend since ancient times when they simply started as an ornate box to store paraphernalia. The vanity is a piece of furniture created in the 17th century when people used it to keep all the essentials one needs to beautiful themselves like flasks of perfumes, essentials oils, makeup kits, and much more. 

Earlier, the European aristocrats owned luxurious custom-made vanities. However, in the 20th-century, vanity tables started being associated with glamor and luxury. 

Here are some types of bathroom vanities in Australia which are in-trend. 

1. Under mounted sink vanity 

This type of vanity has the sink installed under the top in an under-mounted fashion. The sink is mounted under the countertop, which gives more room to place things on top. The under-mounted vanities provide space on the counter and a non-obstructed view of the mirror and free up movements as you are less likely to bump hands to the sink while putting on makeup. 

2. Vessel vanities

These vanities are primarily seen in lavish hotels and boutique restaurants. A vessel vanity is unique because of the way the sink is fitted. The sink rests on top of a vanity, making it look like a bowl. It draws a lot of attention as these are not used as much. 

Mainly suitable for large bathrooms, vessel vanities make it look like there is less room to work. 

3. Floating Vanity.

Floating vanities are a great option if you are willing to give up on some cupboards and drawer space. Unlike the other vanities, this one is hung on the wall rather than resting on the floors. This creates a nice, minimalistic and clean look. Floating vanities are perfect for smaller bathrooms. They might also prove to be the best option when you have less floor space. 

4. Pedestal Sinks

Most pedestal sinks come with little or no storage space. These kinds of sinks may seem inconvenient to some as they have no storage, but their visual appeal is unmatched. This sink can be an exciting design choice that will help your bathroom stand out and look attractive. Not the most practical sink one can choose but probably the best in design. Vanity sinks come in a plethora of designs to suit every bathroom. 

5. Freestanding vanity

It is a kind of vanity that stands vertically on the floor and comes with plenty of storage spaces. These types of vanities are used in smaller apartments and homes. They come in square or rectangular shapes, and most have plenty of drawers. 

However, since standing vanity proves to be the most economical one, some of them may not come with drawers with rather shelves to be more cost-effective. 

6. Makeup Vanity with mirror

Sometimes a simple bathroom vanity is not enough for your extensive beauty regimes. This vanity serves as the place where you keep all your makeup and get ready instead of your sink vanity. These are larger in size options than the sink vanities in the bathroom and can be put in bedrooms to provide you a convenient spot to beautify yourself. 

There are tons of bathroom vanities in Australia, which are in demand, but realizing your needs and researching is crucial to finding the best one for your bathroom. 

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