As the cost of land gets more and more expensive, the majority of people settle living in small houses. If you are part of this large population who chose practicality over extravagance, you are probably facing several challenges. One of the most common is how to maximize the limited space that you have so that you can display all of your kids’ toys, decorative items, and heaps of books and publications without making the place too crowded.

The easiest and cheapest way of tidying up your home is through the use of cube storage shelves. It is the best space-saving method since it only extends itself vertically for more storage capacity instead of eating up a lot of floor space. Besides making your house spacious, it can also transform its interior and sensation. If you are planning to buy one, consider purchasing from the top 6 products listed below. 

  1. Whitmor cube organizer

This furniture from Whitmor is one of the best cube storage shelves in the market today. You can place it in your bedroom or your laundry room since it can keep various clothing items organized. It is more convenient to use than a cabinet because of its open shelves that will allow you to easily find the perfect shirt or pants to use when going outside. It can be the next storage for all your jackets, underwear, shirts, jeans, and even hats and gloves. 

This cube organizer has 6 cubes and 3 shelves to hold a variety of items. To ensure that it will not suddenly fall, it has 3 back panels for added stability. The manufacturer constructed it by using laminated particleboard which guarantees you that it can stand the test of time. To maintain its quality, you just have to regularly wipe it with a damp cloth.

  1. ClosetMaid 8996 cube organizer

The Closet Maid 8996 is one of the best-selling cube storage because of its classic composite design. It comes in a variety of colors, namely espresso, dark cherry, white, chocolate, black, natural gray, and birch. It gives you the chance to pick the best version that matches your tastes and preferences. 

It has several variations in terms of the number of cubes. You can find units with 2 to 12 cubes but each of them is capable of eliminating clutters. You will not have any problem with its durability because of its laminated wood material. It is very easy to assemble so even if you are living alone, you don’t have to seek other people’s help.

  1. SONGMICS cube organizer

Are you looking for a cube organizer with large storage space but will not break the bank?  This SONGMICS cube organizer is what you are looking for as it has an impressive load-bearing capacity of 105 lb. It has 3 shelves and each of them can hold items of up to 17 lb. Aside from its high functionality, it can also improve the visual interest of the room due to its fashionable iron frame and aesthetically pleasing fabric elements. You can use it to store your clothes, shoes, or toiletries. But if you already have storage for these items, you can use it as a partition instead to create some private space for you. 

It has a uniform tube size design that makes it easy to assemble. You don’t have to prepare any tools when positioning it in your house since the manufacturer knows that assembling furniture is not one of the preferred pastimes. You will also love the fact that it has a lightweight, stable, and firm structure. 

  1. The simple Houseware cube organizer

The cube organizer from simple houseware that weighs 4.6 pounds consists of collapsible bins for easy storage when not in use. Its carrying handles make it very ergonomic since you can easily carry it from one place to another. Besides that, you can easily access all the stored items by using the fabric drawer handle.  

It comes with five cardboards with superior quality to ensure that they can provide long-term service. It is a perfect solution if you don’t have storage space for all of your office supplies, kids’ toys, crafts, media supplies, and clothes. 

  1. Home Basics natural cube storage shelf

This natural cube storage shelf from Home Basics provides a plentiful space and closed-system storage to secure your important stuff. It consists of four shelves that remain open at all times and the remaining ones have doors that you can use to avoid exposing the stored items to dust and insects. 

Its natural wood materials ensure that it has a sturdy structure while its smooth aesthetics make it a beautiful backdrop in your living room. This versatile shelf is the best place to keep your clothes, toys, and crafts. You can utilize the open cubes as storage of electronic equipment and entertaining systems 

  1. Better Homes and Gardens cube organizer

The better homes and gardens manufactured this cube organizer that you can display either horizontally or vertically depending on the available space in your house. It consists of 8 cube bookcases available in various finishes including solid black, gray, and rustic gray. Its high-quality materials guarantee that it can last for years to come. 

It is a solid wood storage unit that you can use to display framed pictures and candles. When you purchase this cube organizer, it will include clear instructions on how to set it up. In this way, you can easily figure out the process of assembling it. Since it looks very cute and modern, it can serve as a decoration in a monotone room while providing some extra space for storage. The delivery of the item is free of charge making it an exceptional choice compared to other cube organizers. 

In a Nutshell

The listed products above are just some of the most functional cube storage shelves that you must buy today. They are great value for your money because of their high-quality materials and aesthetic appeal. To discover more excellent cube storage shelves, you may visit!

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