Since societies are still battling an unseen virus that is so contagious, the work from home setup continues to be the norm. It is one of the ways for large and small companies to help the government in reducing the number of COVID cases. If you are new to this mode of working, you are probably facing difficulties in staying productive and efficient. It happens when you don’t have a well-organized workspace in your home. 

An office organization plays an important role in creating a conducive working environment. If you have a clutter-free workspace, it can reduce your stress levels, improve your focus, and set the right mood. Moreover, when you have a place for all your work essentials, it will ensure you of a better workflow. Keep reading to know several office supply storages that you can buy to help you survive the WFH arrangement.

Categories of office supply storage

There are different types of office supply storage offered in the market. Each of them has different features, functions, and purposes to address certain needs. For instance, you may choose supply organizers if you manage a lot of printed documents daily. On the other hand, you may choose drawer dividers if you aim to maximize storage space. Take a look at the list of office supply storage ideas below and you might just find the best one for your style and needs.


If you used to go to the office, it was rare for you to see it without stacks of boxes full of printed documents. You may use the same organization idea in your workplace at home. Since boxes are highly affordable, you will not incur a large amount of money just to make the place clean and tidy.

  1. Collapsible file storage organizer

If you want a storage organizer that is easy to store and move from one place to another, then this one’s for you. It includes two pieces that are collapsible, stackable, and portable allowing you to place it anywhere whenever not in use. It has a size dimension of 17.3×13.9×2.1 inches that is ideal for holding letters, folders, and short to long bond papers. It is not only functional but it can also add a nice decorative touch in the place due to its charcoal linen materials. You can choose from four colors, such as navy and gray. It is advisable to pick the one that will not look out of place in the design of your office. 

  1. Bankers file storage boxes

If you want your workplace to look organized while maintaining its simple and plain design, then buy these bankers file storage boxes. You can purchase 1 set that contains 6 white boxes for as low as $21.18. The material used to manufacture the product is a durable cardboard material. The item has a dimension of 15x12x10 inches perfect for storing folders and envelopes.

  1. Pendaflex file storage box 

This file storage box from Pendaflex is a compact file organizer that can stand the test of time. It measures 6.5x14x11 inches that a 12-letter-sized folder can easily fit. It comes with a handle allowing you to carry it without any hassle. To ensure the safety of confidential documents, you can use its lock mechanism.

Desk rack organizers

If you have a large desk in your office, why not place a rack organizer on it to prevent your work essentials from looking like a mess? It will let you arrange all your things accordingly which will encourage greater efficiency.

  1. SimpleHouseware 3-tray mesh desk rack organizer

This mesh desk organizer from Simple Houseware will give you more than enough storage space since it consists of 2 horizontal mesh trays, 1 sliding drawer with three compartments, and a hanging file rack. It is available in black and silver variants both with a dimension stand of 12.6 x 11.5 x 4.6 inches. It is the best desk rack organizer to store file folders, office supplies, and letter-sized documents.

  1. Triangle file folder rack organizer

The triangle file folder rack organizer has a unique appearance that is super stylish. It can surely add visual aesthetics to any home office. It consists of 10 iron wire lattice triangles that you can use to store papers, letters, folders, magazines, and newspapers. It has a dimension of 11.7 x 7.1 x 6.7 inches that comes in wide color options, namely black, gold, white, and rose gold. 

  1. Acrimet horizontal triple file desk organizer

The Acrimet manufactured this sturdy desk organizer using high-quality plastic materials. It comprises 3 sectional spaces where you can place all your files and papers. It measures 4.53 x 12.99 x 11.42 inches that you can position either horizontally or vertically depending on the available space. Since it has tiny holes, you may mount it on a wall instead of placing it on your desk.

Drawer dividers

You probably have a drawer that is always messy and full of scattered items. The best solution to this problem is the use of drawer dividers. Below is a list of drawer dividers available in the market for every budget and style.

  1.  Posprica woven cube office storage containers

A drawer divider should not always be simple and boring. You can have this woven office storage container from Posprica that can level up the design of your workplace. This divider has a sturdy wireframe that guarantees you that it will stay in shape even after years of use. It is a set consisting of 2 large and two smaller boxes with the largest box containing the other three. You can use it to store memo pads, sticky notes, and other small work essentials.

  1. Cocoon accessory organizer

This Cocoon accessory organizer can help secure the safety of your gadgets and accessories, such as chargers and headphones. Besides that, you can also use it to organize your makeup essentials. The manufacturer designed it in such a way that it can hold items firmly through the use of a rubberized elastic retention system.

  1. Seville classics bamboo storage organizer

The Seville classics storage organizer is environmentally friendly as it uses durable bamboo materials. It is a set composed of 5 pieces of boxes in a variety of sizes. It can hold small office supplies, such as a ballpen, stapler, memo pad. It has a sleek matte finish that allows it to double as home decor. 

In a Nutshell

You can always do something that can help you have a better working experience at home. It can be as simple as buying boxes, drawers, and desk rack organizers. Enjoy an organized life by purchasing one from!

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