A Rolex watch is a great way to invest some of your cash and show the world your amazing taste when it comes to wristwatches. It is the kind of watch that you never regret buying and spending a lot of your money on. The brand’s designs are ranging from classic and elegant, to brave and blingy. As such, no matter how you taste inexpensive watches, there’s an option and style for you. If you have a hankering to treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury timepieces for your hard work or you want to find a diamond Rolex watch for your man, then this list of the most expensive watches is the perfect place to look for inspiration. Here is the list of the most expensive watches of the collection. 

The brand can guarantee that all the timepieces they release are perfected manufacturing processes used by both machines and humans in the most efficient way possible. Every Rolex movement and bracelets are still assembled by hand, even though robots and machines are used along the way to assist technicians. From the production of raw materials to the assembly and testing, it takes about a year to make a single Rolex watch, this brand guarantees the quality of the wristwatches that we’re going to buy. 

Rolex sells about a million watches per year, considering the time they spend producing each wristwatch is remarkable when it comes to design, style, and the quality itself. Rolex will never fail to exceed our expectations for their watches.The good news is that, even if you can’t afford to buy a new watch, you can always shop for a used Rolex model and get the luxury item you’ve always wanted.

  1. Oyster Cosmograph Daytona  

Daytona is one of the most expensive Rolex collections with an “exotic” design and style. It is now known as a “Paul Newman” variant. It was sold in the bidding with a new record with the highest price achieved for a wristwatch at auction. 

  1. Cosmograph Daytona Unicorn

This is a one-of-a-kind Daytona, also known as “The Unicorn” which was the only vintage white gold Rolex in the collection and sold at auction for over $5.9 million and the second most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction.

  1. Bao Dai 

While in 1954 in Geneva attending a convention that would split Vietnam into two distinct states, Bao Dai, the emperor of Vietnam and then-head of state came to a Rolex boutique, and they requested“the rarest and most precious Rolex ever made in the history.” The ref. 6062 Bao Dai presented to him is a triple-calendar moon phase in yellow gold with a black dial and diamond indices. The two other diamond-dial 6062s are known to collectors; the Bao Dai feature has a unique layout with five diamonds, further increasing its rarity of watches.

  1. Cosmograph Daytona “The Legend” 

Here’s Another absurdly rare Daytona collection, this ref. 6263 is one of only three variants executed in a yellow gold Oyster with a water-resistant case. The “lemon grené” has an amazing style and design that makes for a look that grabs your eye, and you get it for yourself. After the bidding war, it was hammered for over $3.7 million, making it the second-most expensive Rolex ever sold at the time, after the Bao Dai.

  1. Cosmograph Daytona Apocalypse Now

Marlon Brando wore this 1972 GMT Master watch as the renegade Col. Kurtz in Francis Ford Coppola’s award-winning Vietnam war classic, “Apocalypse Now.” Coppola decided to remove the bezel from the watch to give it a worn, somewhat crazed look much like Brando’s character. The history of the preserved into which he hand-carved his name and a black leather strap hammered for an incredible $1.95 million at the Phillips Game Changers auction in 2019.

  1. Cosmograph Daytona John Player Special

This watch broke several records as one of the most expensive watches sold at an online auction ($1.54 million); the record price for a “John Player Special” Daytona (it was called as black and gold livery) and the record price for a watch sold in the UK.

  1. Cosmograph Daytona Albano

This was brought by none other than Eric Clapton in the 1990s. This watch has a unique design featuring an all-white dial. It was sold twice, once in 2003 for $505,000, and finally in 2015, for $1.4 million. 

  1. Day-Date Jack Nicklaus

The story behind this gold 1803 has a special part of Rolex history because it was gifted to golfer Jack Nicklaus back in 1967. Phillips auctioned off this in 2019, which realized a final price of $1.22 million. All of the watch’s proceeds went to Nicklaus’s own Children’s Health Care Foundation.

  1. Split-Second

This is Another complicated watch rendered in steel, this timepiece features an oversized 44 mm case, one of the largest case sizes of any model ever produced, and the caliber 55 VBR chronograph movement equipped with a split-seconds complication. Only 12 of these watches are thought to have been produced during the early 1940s. And this watch was never offered for sale commercially. It is one of the rarest Rolex watches in existence.  

  1. Day-Date

The Day-Date is one of the most expensive watches in Rolex’s current collection and has been worn by countless leaders and heads of state across the world. It was first launched in 1956 as the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a calendar with a day display in addition to the date. It was also the first watch to introduce the jubilee Rolex bracelet, sometimes called a President bracelet that offers exceptional wear comfort on the wrist.

In Conclusion 

Watches are more than just accessories. It’s also an investment at the same time. Most rich personalities invest in jewelry, especially watches, because the value of the vintage and expensive watches or even other accessories never depreciate, especially if this is an expensive piece. You can also use this as a special gift to your loved ones or even an heirloom to your future kids. If you want to get your own timepiece, then you can order one  in the comforts of your home. To visit the website go to TheWatchCompany.com. It has the best deals and you can even spot some rare pieces.

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