Casino players find it easy to play slot online than other casino games. However, you should prepare yourself with the basic terminology of the game to have a better experience. Let us discuss the terminology a bit.

Paytable – A paytable would help you know the various numbers used and available in a slot game. These numbers include the wagering amount necessary to play, the payout you would get, the amount required for the activation of a pay line, and many more. 

Penny slots – As you would know, you would have to pay a certain amount of money as your bet amount. However, every slot machine would ask you a different amount as the bet. When the size of this bet amount is too small, you can consider it as a penny slot. As the bet amount is not big, even a loss would not affect you in financial terms. 

Random Number Generator – If you touch the spin button on your computer screen during your slot game, the reels will start rotating and a random set of characters would come on your screen when the reels stop rotating. These characters would be random and you could not say what character would come up next time. Although there is no physical machine with the reels to show you some characters under the physical pay line, the outcome is possible because of the random number generator operating within the system. These numbers and symbols brought forth by these digital games would be different every time and there will not be any pattern. 

Classic slots – When there are only three reels on the slot machine, you can consider this as a classic slot. Since they were the pioneer models of the game, they have got their name. However, most modern casinos do not offer this slot. There will be only one pay line in this slot and the player need not make any pay line active before the game. 

Coin size – To start a slot machine game, you should give an amount in the form of coins as your bet. The number of such coins necessary to play a slot game is known as the coin size for that game. Penny slots would contain a smaller coin size. 

Fixed jackpot – Most slot games would have a fixed Jackpot or winning amount that remains the same throughout the game. It is the opposite of the progressive Jackpot. 

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