The Bed Talk: Why Bed Linen Matters

The bedroom is the most cherished part of the house. It is the place where one feels the most comfortable and safe. But choosing the right bedding is a tricky task. People often do not know how to buy the best suitable bedclothes for their room. Apart from the comfort of the bedding, one must also give importance to the aesthetic aspects of their bed. A few tips and tricks can teach one how to choose the perfect bed linen for one’s bed!


After a tiring day, the one place that everybody craves is the bed! The colour of the bed covers stands out since it is the central part of the bed. In most bedrooms, it is the colour that first attracts the visitor’s eyes. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the colour that complements the overall hue of the room. Most people prefer lighter colours such as pearl white, lavender, lime yellow, angel blue, pastel pink, and dusty rose for their bed covers since they are easy on the eyes. But it is advisable to choose darker colours such as deep purple or brown in households with children since they tend to stain sheets often. It is also wise to make sure that the theme of the bed does not clash poorly with the rest of the room. So, one should keep the colour of the wallpaper in mind while buying bed sheets. The colour of the sheets must also be compatible with other large objects in the room, such as the study desk, dresser, and television ensemble. 


While choosing the sheets’ fabric, one has to look out for seasonal temperature changes. Cotton is the most sensible, go-to option for sweltering Australian summers. One hundred percent pure cotton sheets offer superior comfort in hot weather. Since cotton is an absorbing material, it effectively absorbs sweat and cools down the body. It is soft on the skin and facilitates ventilation inside the sheets. It is also easy to wash and maintain. In slightly colder temperatures, quilted shams double up as additional covers. Linen blends are a combination of linen and cotton. Usually, the proportion of linen and cotton is 11:9. This balance ensures that the quilt is warm in winters and cool during summers. The cotton in the fabric makes the material softer with every wash. For ultra-cold temperatures, polyester sheets are the best option. The thickness of the material and its closely-knit fabric offer heightened warmth and insulation during freezing nights. It also ensures that the heat is spread through the blanket effectively. Polyester quilts are essential for a good night’s sleep in winters. 

Bedding care

An indispensable step in choosing a bedsheet is learning how to care for one. Manufacturers create beddings with multiple thread count. The number varies according to the fabric and the usage for a particular weather. The lowest thread count is 250. Since these duvets are slight and thin, experts recommend that a user washes them with lukewarm water, at around forty degrees Celsius with a tumble dry setting. For bright coloured blankets, one should avoid whitening agents that might make the colours fade. For 700 TC blankets, experts prescribe wool wash detergents that will remove stains that might set on this thick material. Finally, air drying is the best way to wash a heavy quilt since machine drying can lead to lint formation on the fabric’s surface.


Good bed sheets promise peaceful and comfortable sleep. After a long day in the office, hitting the bed is the best feeling in the world. The right choice goes a long way in guaranteeing a truly relaxing slumber.

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