If you have done any reading on how to market your business, the chances are that you have found lots of advice about digital marketing. It’s true that setting up social media accounts, writing good content for your website and creating an effective web presence is an important part of any marketing strategy. However, there is still a place for direct mail as a marketing tool in the modern world, and a very effective one to boot!

Direct mail is particularly effective if you use it in conjunction with a digital marketing strategy.

High ROI

Direct mail has a surprisingly high return on investment. The median ROI of direct mail is 29%, which is only a percentage point behind social media and is higher than the ROI on paid searches and online display. Direct mail also has a good response rate – it holds its own against other forms of marketing. 

There are a few reasons for this.

Pattern interrupt

Pattern interrupt is an effective technique in sales because it forces people to stop and pulls them out of their usual patterns of behavior. This means that you can engage more effectively, and create a meaningful dialogue.

Direct mail is an excellent way of achieving pattern interrupt because you have physically put something in someone’s home or business that they must deal with. If you send an email they can simply delete it and carry on with their day, but direct mail needs to be thought about. 

Do they throw it in the trash? Do they hang on to it in case it’s useful? 

A physical reminder

A great way to encourage people to hang on to your direct mail advertising is by providing something within it that is of value. 

Coupons are a great example of achieving this. If you send someone a coupon that could save them money, most people will hang on to it – we’re all looking to spend less, right? 

That means that every time that person walks by the coupon, they are reminded of your business. That’s something that you can’t get in the digital space.

Less commonplace

As more of our world goes online, direct mail marketing has become less commonplace. This means that if you make use of direct mail marketing, you are going to stand out purely because you are the only person doing it! 

This is particularly true if you do something really innovative with your direct mailer, or offer really great value.

Reaches a different audience

A lot of people do most of their business, shopping and working online. However, there is a proportion of the population who don’t use the internet that much.

The older generations won’t tend to be as comfortable online in general, because they weren’t brought up with it. Similarly, there are younger people who choose not to go online because they prefer to focus on other aspects of life.

Direct mail marketing is a good way to reach those people that you couldn’t otherwise.

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