Weekends always give some breathing space from the daily hustle and bustle of work life. People crave to have these moments of solace in their lives but struggle for them in the first place. There are plenty of routes one can explore to spend one’s time away from all the chatter in everyday life. One such fine hobby would be to go fishing. It is said that fly fishing is “A contemplative man’s recreation”. The best part is, it does not take much to set up a fishing holiday. A casting rod with reel,fishing lures, baits and a proper place by the lake will ensure one has a quiet time spending the evenings in joyous solitude. If the situation needs it, the expedition can always become a quality family time with the traditional rite of passage for a father-son bonding time.

Why Fishing?

       Fishing, primarily a fight for survival kind of activity, has evolved with the world’s lifestyle so much that it has now become a means to spend time. Apart from the obvious that a fresh catch makes up for a nutritious meal, it is the raw feeling of reeling in a live being that satiates the primal man within a person. It is much more than looking forward to something to eat for a meal. A pragmatic mind can relay the sense of patience and persistence that tedious activity tends to impart within oneself. Along with other humane virtues, one gets to be in tune with nature and restructure the flow of thought patterns almost to a zen-like meditative state. So it’s more than just a leisurely activity after all.

Fishing Resources

    Unlike many modern convoluted recreational activities that involve a lot of technical equipment and resource-intensive workflows, fishing is a simple back to basics way to develop a hobby. It doesn’t require a lot of prerequisite knowledge and the technical gear to go along. One can pick fishing up from wherever in the financial spectrum they want to be in. A good set of tools would help to set off venturing into this passionate hobby. Depending on the interest and skill level, one can choose to splurge more on procuring the better version of the said gear. But quintessentially, it comprises the same equipment on all levels, but better casting rods and fishing lures are always existent.

The Memories

 From a freshwater bass to a wild-caught tuna, a fishing expedition is sure to return with memories to cherish in the years to come. It cultivates a sense of ownership and enables the people of the same passion to bond better. Despite its dormancy, the fishing community is an extensive group of people who have, over the years, made strides in understanding the oceans and aquatic habitats of these faunae. It helps the world better understand the pivotal role the marine and aqua-based ecosystems have to offer in the functioning of other animal habitats. 


Many stereotypical images come into the mind when fishing is brought into a topic, but the truth is that it is far from how it used to be a couple of decades back. Aside from commercial trawling, fishing as a hobby always had its place in the evolution of human society and has a lot to offer for an individual at a personal level; It is for these reasons that this form of recreation keeps resurfacing time and again.

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