Getting the edge over gaming competitors is no mean feat. Everyone wants to win and if they’re telling you differently, they’re not being entirely truthful. Games are more fun when you come out the victor. To help you assure it, here are 4 ways to beat your opposition without breaking any unwritten rules. 

  1. Take Advantage of Better Corded Mice

The corded gaming mouse is a better performer than its wireless counterpart. There’s no issue of potential interference with the signal quality when you want to sit back from a large screen monitor or TV to play your game. A cable is also a direct connection to the PC – there’s no slower wireless signal that must be picked up and interpreted on the fly.

What about the cable connected to the mouse? These are all too often an afterthought. Many mice are too heavy when attached to a weighty cable too. A paracord cable mouse is not like that. With a paracord cable mouse, it’s designed to be light enough to barely feel it when pulling the mouse in the direction of travel. So, you get your freedom of movement back. 

  1. Get a Faster Internet Connection

With internet speed, two factors play into better performance:

Internet speed – The downstream/upstream speeds make a difference. It’s especially noticeable when you’re playing a game with new maps that need to download before the next round begins. When the game has numerous maps that aren’t included in the initial package, it can be demoralising to keep having to wait when gameplay has already commenced. 

The ping – The latency or ping is the time it takes for signals to get to their destination and back again.  The faster the game activity, the more it matters. Faster broadband particularly often results in a higher ping once the connection has been updated. Then a 20ms ping or faster is possible. 

  1. Reboot the PC Before Play

Even for faster PCs, if they’ve been used all day before an evening of gaming, then they won’t be running at their fastest capacity. Why is this? It’s because the Windows operating system doesn’t completely release previous apps and another memory usages that have occurred during the day. As a result, the system is slowed down the more it has been utilised. So, games won’t load as quickly or respond as fast. Reboot the PC before loading the game. Give yourself the best chance of striking first. 

  1. Have Teammates Backing You Up

Playing with friends makes it easier and more fulfilling when your side wins the match. While you can participate with players whose name you recognise and even exchange the occasional pleasantries, it’s just not the same. 

Joining a clan or playing informally with a group of offline friends can help you to raise your game. After all, you don’t want to look bad to them. Being the last on the scoreboard won’t do your street cred any good either. They’ll never let you live it down until you redeem yourself. 

Whether you’re playing a first-person shooter or an RPG game, there are no prizes for second place. We all know that that’s the first loser. So, do what’s needed to get the best result possible.

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