Italian Torrone Nougat Candy – The Sweetest Gift for Cherishing Christmas Times.

If you are wondering where to buy torrone candy online, then not to worry at all. Our quick guide will help you to get the best Italian torrone on sale online. Who are not familiar with this unique item, let us tell them that torrone is a whitish cream-colored sugar confectionery. It is made with a perfect blend of egg whites, honey, and sugar, loaded with sliced and toasted almonds and raisins. Guess what the most fascinating part about it is? It is one of the most bought treats during the Christmas and New year holidays. However, you can buy Italian nougat at any time of the year.

Let’s take a sneak peek at how it was created in the earlier times! 

Well, it is not that difficult to determine who invented torrone in this world. At odds with panettone like Milanese creations that every Italian is familiar with, the narrative of torrone is uncertain and convoluted. It has been believed that a few forms of these dolciume bonbons were created in the early Roman times. However, the initial documented forms of torrone came from Spain’s Early renaissance. 

At the same time, the rest of the forms came from Egypt and North Africa. People in these regions loved to relish these tasty little sweet candies made with sesame seeds and honey. One thing is for sure that the Italian torrone for sale online has come from pre-medieval times. The blend of raisins, egg whites, honey, and sugar, and various spices sometimes make a perfect recipe for the festive season. 

Now, if we see the favored nation Italy, then it is usually sold in drawn-out rectangles. We can also buy torrone candy online that is available in a light-colored confection with sliced hazelnuts and almonds that are visible all over. Yes! Just like an oversized and a loaded candy bar. Whenever you think of where to buy torrone candy, bear in mind that every form relevant to it is beloved not in Italy but also in the rest of the world. As expert connoisseurs say that it is the best ever honey candy created to date. Also, mandorlato, a popular form of the Veneto region, is highly popular due to its almond glazing finish. The way those quality almonds and hazelnuts are toasted over it gives it an excellent form. 

When is the right time to give your sweet tooth a treat with a torrone? 

Normally and traditionally, Italian torrone candies are devoured after lunches or dinner, during the Christmas days until the Epiphany day. However, you can eat at any time whenever you wish. Nowadays, many premium sellers online offer a flash sale on different varieties of torrone. The most common ones are classic, soft, hard, pistachios, cinnamon, wild fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, and even chocolate. After dinner, the treat is the Amaro that holds a bit of a dark taste, whereas sambuca-like variants taste sweet. 

Can we prepare it at home? The answer to this question will be a big no. Wondering why? When you mix up all the ingredients together, the mixture seems to be notoriously sticky and becomes damn hard to handle or twist. So, there’s nothing better than trying Italian torrone variants from premium brands like Sorelle Nurzia. Don’t forget to check out their exclusive festive collection that comes in nostalgic, cute packaging, is made in Italy, and has that traditionally cherished sweet and nutty flavor to it. The whole range is definitely perfect for gifting it to your friends and family on Christmas eve. 


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