6 Spooky Birthday Celebration Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Every friend circle has an individual who waits more eagerly for Halloween rather than Christmas. When the birthday of such a friend is approaching, it only fits that you make sure that all the arrangements for the birthday party are spooky enough to make sure that it’s the best birthday bash ever for him or her. Whether it is the birthday cake or the decorations, everything should be done while keeping the haunted theme in mind. The following are some spooky birthday celebration ideas that should definitely make it to your list.

Organize a costume party

  •  The most convenient way to throw a party with a horror theme is to opt for a costume party. This gives all the guests a choice to relish in the spirits of the horror theme and enjoy the party to the fullest. However, it is highly essential that you must inform your guests about this pre-hand providing them with a considerable amount of time so that they can come up with a costume of their preference. When everyone takes part in the costume party wholeheartedly, the birthday star will surely feel loved and cherished.

Horror movie marathon

  •  There are manifold individuals who like to spend their birthday with a small group of close friends, along with the family member. For such an individual, you can plan a horror movie marathon at your home. Other than this, with a pandemic going on, it has become a tad bit difficult for anyone to step out of the home. Hence, the better idea is to go to a nearby video store and get a copy of all the favorite movies of the birthday star and binge-watch them together for an intimate birthday celebration.

Order a spooky cake online

  •  You can order a cake online that fits the theme of the birthday party. There are many online platforms that strive to present their customers with customized cakes. All you got to do is come up with a design for the cake and select the flavor that you think the birthday boy/girl will surely love.

Play with an Ouija board

  •  Nothing could be more spooky than an Ouija board. When you wish to take things up a notch, then you can get the Ouija board out. Dim all the bright lights and turn on mood lighting; it would be even better if you have candles. Sit around in a circle with an Ouija board in the center. Use your concentration skills to summon a soul from the other world and connect with them. Even if you are unable to connect with an otherworldly soul, you will surely have a lot of fun trying it with your friends.

Amp things up with the decorations

  •  The most essential aspect of a horror themed party is the decorations. You can use the home decorations that you have from the last Halloween party. Get all the fake spider webs, skeletons, scented candles out in the open to decorate your home for a horror themed party. Other than this, it is highly essential that you must come up with a return gift while considering the theme of the party for your guests.

Share horror stories

  •  You can finally end the birthday party with a series of horror stories from each guest to end the party on a spooky note. This will give the guests something to think about on their drive back home.

Hopefully, all the spooky birthday celebration ideas will present you with a chance to organize an amazing party.

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