How can Asterisk SBC Solution development services help VoIP service providers

SBC, also known as Session Border Controller, is a controller that regulates the calls in IP telephony at the demarcation point of a network. Asterisk SBC is one of the leading SBC solutions that can be implemented in a variety of diversified network designs.

Asterisk SBCs are leaders in this technology, and they ensure the maximum service quality with optimized resources to support VOIP service providers.

How does Session Border Controller work?

Session border controller is installed on the border point of the network, and it is used to hide IP communication signals. It provides features such as security, QoS, and multi-vendor support.

SBCs are deployed into the signaling and media paths between source and destination in a VoIP call. They use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and media gateway control protocol.

Most importantly, SBC can control a communication session very deeply. So, it can provide security to a core SIP network and an application server. It provides client-to-server interoperability by performing the role of a back-to-back user agent.

It effectively ends each session and then restarts the session back and does the same operation. It works as a user agent client and user agent server both for each signaling message on every call session.

SBCs take complete responsibility for providing support for open source solutions for different types of infrastructure. They are capable of delivering multiple advanced SBCs functions on various network platforms and environments.

SBC allows the VOIP providers to administrate the calls on their networks and manage protocol syntax to achieve interoperability. They resolve the issues occurring from firewalls and network address translators in the network.

Functionalities provided by Asterisk SBC to VoIP services providers:

  • It helps traffic to reach the destination without the device having a public IP.
  • Masks the internal network design in the public realm preventing attacks and malicious activities.
  • Controls the network resources and reserves them to provide zero downtime for VoIP services.
  • Allows the feature to design rules for each packet to reach to their predefined destinations.
  • Filters the VOIP signals before they enter the network, as a result allowing only the valid signals.
  • Supports communication between different signaling protocols.
  • Sides the carrier and network information for safety purposes.
  • Provides features of fault tolerance to offer maximum optimized VOIP services.
  • Tracks the number of calls and keeps track of call information in order to provide the billing and call details reports.

Benefits of Asterisk Session border controller for VoIP service provides

Asterisk Session border controller provides a wide range of benefits for VoIP services providers, some of which are:

  • Protect against Distributed DoS (DDoS) and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
  • Offers media and signaling encryption to offer confidentiality and security against impersonation.
  • Protects from service theft and toll fraud.
  • Reduces SIP signaling transfer messages and headers to overcome multi-vendor incompatibilities.
  • Implementation of call admission control policies, ToS marking, and rate-limiting to assure delivery maximum service quality.
  • Route sessions across network interfaces result from high availability and enable routing with the shortest path.

Nowadays, Session Border Controllers can be deployed in several network architectures including:

  • Implementation within a provider giving VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.
  • On the border between a customer and a provider.
  • In the core part of Network architecture to fix several internal topology issues.
  • Between two service providers having an agreement to transfer each other’s VoIP traffic at predefined destinations.

Wrapping up

SBC software provides state of the art the solution. It can customize services to ensure enhanced and efficient throughput for Customers. Asterisk developer’s team has an in-depth understanding of its architecture. They have made it possible to develop a simple module from a complex Asterisk system.

Asterisk SBC solution is one of the most trusted and industry-recognized in the telecom and VOIP solutions with a WebRTC solution, making it helpful for broader adoption and usability.

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