Over the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way businesses function. However, employers worldwide have started to return back to the workplace. Although this shift is more challenging than it was during the lockdown, organizations are working harder to facilitate a smooth return for their employees. For that, they are getting the help of social intranet software

Equipped with a wide range of features and tools, modern intranet platforms are known for powering collaboration and increasing productivity. In the post-COVID-19 world, these software solutions are helping employers secure the well-being of their people while ensuring productivity.    

Social Intranet Platforms: Before, During, and After COVID-19

Businesses worldwide have been using intranets for a long time. Modern intranet software solutions encourage two-way communication and bring people from an organization’s different departments, irrespective of their locations, on a common platform to work together. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were using social intranets as collaboration software to allow employees to work on a common project, share information, and discuss ideas. They included employees sitting under one roof who were able to visit each other in case of an emergency. 

When coronavirus forced companies to go remote and ask their employees to work from home, a social intranet platform helped organizations in powering collaboration between employees, even when they were miles away from each other. Using the software’s various tools, they communicated with one another, shared real-time data, and conducted online meetings to achieve organizational goals.     

Now, when companies are planning to ask employees to return back to offices, intranets as collaboration solutions can be the key element to power effective collaboration while ensuring the safety of workers. 

Social Intranet Software to Establish Return to Workplace Post COVID-19   

Companies that have already been using modern intranets for collaboration and knowledge sharing can easily navigate a post-COVID world. Here is how social intranet software can support the return to the workplace:

Organizations can use an intranet platform to circulate crucial information and disclose new workplace policies to ensure safety and productivity. They can write documents over the network and share them with employees to inform them how to safely come to the office and what types of personal care products, such as a mask and sanitizer, they need to bring with them.

In addition to working as collaboration software to bring employees in one place to work together, social intranets can also be used as a dedicated platform to store tools and resources that may be required for their tasks. In the availability of these tools, employees do not need to visit their colleagues for information. 

Although several governments worldwide have allowed organizations to admit employees in the workplace, maintaining social distancing is still a necessity. Employers can use social intranet platforms to replace physical meetings with virtual communication to ensure employee safety. Authorized members can discuss ideas, share knowledge, and retrieve information through forums, real-time file sharing, group discussions, and various other intranet tools.

Modern social intranets encourage two-way communication, which means employees can communicate with their seniors for feedback or information. Also, they can consult managers to find solutions to their workplace problems. 


Social intranet software can play a key role in the post-COVID world to ensure collaboration and productivity in the workplace. Adopting various features of an intranet platform, organizations can power a smooth transition for people when they return back to work and ensure productivity. 

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