Healing crystals are getting a lot of attention these days. You can see many celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian promoting healing crystals on their social media. If you, too, have an interest in healing crystals, then this post is a gem mine for you. Here in this article, we have given the top four facts about the healing crystals for beginners.  Understand these facts and grow your knowledge about these magical gems. Let’s start the reverser counting:

Different Crystals Have Different Healing Properties

The biggest misunderstanding about crystals is, people think that every crystal is the same. But no, as the heading says: different crystals have different healing properties. Every crystal has its own energy field and the vibration level. Both of these are the major things that make each crystal different from the other. When you are choosing a crystal, pick the one whom you are most drawn to. There’s a saying that you don’t choose crystals, crystals choose you. Here are a few crystals for beginners that you can buy, along with their respective functions:

Crystals Works Best When They Are Close To You

Many experts recommend keeping the crystals in your bra so that it can stay close to you the whole day. If this feels uncomfortable, you can keep them in your handbags, even hang it as a pendant on your neck. For men, you can carry them in your pocket or as a necklace or bracelet. You can also keep a crystal on your bedside to absorb its energy while sleeping. It doesn’t matter how you use them; just make sure the crystals are always close to you.

Clear Quartz Is The Strongest Crystal

The existence of this crystal on the earth is since the time of dawn. And today, from jewelry to technology, this crystal is used in almost everything. Quartz is also known as the “master healer,” or in other words, it is the rockstar among all the crystals. It is well known for providing balance to the body, improving the immune system, and an ideal choice to remove negative energy from your surroundings and inside. If you are wondering about buying your first crystal, then Quartz is an excellent choice. 

Cleansing The Crystal Is Important

Obviously, lots of people may have touched the crystal you bought. That is why you must cleanse it from all the other energies before taking it into use. Thinking how to cleanse a crystal? There are various ways to do it. Following are some of the most common and easiest ones:

Final Word

So, these were the top four facts about the healing crystals. If you want to know about all the healing crystals in more detail, you can buy a crystal healer online course. Under this course, you can study various healing crystals and separate training for a healer. For the best energetic healing courses online, check out the Evolve Healing website. 

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