At first, glance, creating a website, and even more so an online store, for a person who does not have technical knowledge can be a difficult task. However, if you figure it out, then this task is not so difficult. If you are looking for a platform to build an online store, Dinars recommends that you create a website on the Shopify platform.

Why this particular platform? The answer is simple. Thanks to this platform, anyone can create their own online store in a couple of hours without the help of specialists. This is ideal for small businesses. The cost of using the platform starts at $ 29 per month. For this cost, you can make your online store no worse than a team of professionals. If you still have doubts, then Shopify provides a 2 weeks trial period. Therefore, before paying for the platform, you can test it.

Later in the article, the Dinars developers are happy to share information on how to create an online store on this platform, its advantages, and its disadvantages.

Why should you choose a Shopify platform for your online store?

In 2017, Shopify was the third most popular platform in the world. Why? At an affordable price, you create a full-fledged online store without the help of developers and designers. The online store on this platform looks and functions as if it was created by professional developers.

The Shopify platform was originally built out of necessity. Several friends who loved snowboarding decided to sell equipment for the sport over the internet. But, not finding a suitable option, they decided to develop their own platform. One of my friends did some programming. The rest has already become part of history.

Today Shopify has already become a brand at the level of Apple, Magento, and others. This platform is very flexible. Shopify can be used for a variety of businesses. If you need an online store to sell homemade goods online, or you just want to expand an existing physical store, then this is the perfect option.

Further in the article, you will find complete instructions on how to create an online store on the Shopify platform yourself and the cost of developing custom themes for online stores first-hand.

What’s so special about Shopify? Let’s get a look.

Shopify is an online shopping platform that has all the features you need to sell products. As soon as you create an account on this platform, then functions such as are available to you:

Website creation

Choosing a design template that suits your business area

Choosing a domain that will be associated with your products or services

Adding products and their descriptions

Receiving and processing an order

Several options for payment for goods

The ability to provide customers with discounts

And many more features.

At the same time, creating an online store on the Shopify platform will cost you much less than if you turned to a web studio. However, quite often our clients turn to the Dinars team for the development of custom designs and themes for online stores. Also, please note that this platform is more reliable in the long run. If a new version comes out and you have to update the online store, then a strong support team will come to your aid. 

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You don’t need the help of designers and digital marketing agency in Sydney to create an online store. This platform has many themes to help you create a beautiful online store. Just like WordPress, Shopify has tons of custom plugins, extensions, and an intuitive admin panel.

If necessary, you can expand the functions of the online store at any time without assistance. One of the benefits of Shopify is that you can procure the components you need over time. An online store can grow with your business. There are 5 plans for you to choose from, perfect for any business. The most affordable Shopify plan starts at $ 29 per month, while the most expensive starts at $ 179 per month. Therefore, everyone can afford an online store on this platform.

The Shopify platform has a variety of apps that can personalize your online store. You can independently connect them to your online store without outside help. Applications such as product reviews, a discount system, and additional options for sending products to customers are very popular.

Sending goods is no longer a problem! Many online store owners are concerned about how the product will be delivered to the customer. The Shopify platform has a ready-made solution. The platform has several options for sending goods. In addition, it is possible to set a flat rate for shipping or set an individual shipping cost for each item.

Easy to use, even for beginners. If you only want the first steps in online sales, then Shopify is one of the best options. The admin panel is simple and intuitive. However, if you need a platform with great customization options, then you should pay attention to Magento or another CMS.

Disadvantages of Shopify e-commerce platform

While customizing most of the features with Shopify is easy enough, most users have problems with the checkout page and similar pages. Therefore, if you need to make the checkout page more personalized, for example, to place your logo, you will need the help of specialists in e-commerce.

Another drawback is that the Shopify platform takes a percentage of the remittances.

Therefore, please note that when using Shopify Payments, every purchase will be charged 2.9% + 30 cents. However, this only works for the cheapest plan of $ 29 per month. If you buy a more growing plan, then the cost of the commission for each payment will be lower.

How to create an online store on Shopify

Are you ready to take full advantage of Shopify? Then let’s get started!

Later in the article, the Dinars team prepared detailed instructions on how to launch your online store on the Shopify platform. In this manual, we will look at the main stages of creating an online store from choosing niches to a theme, setting up a payment system, and further developing the site.

Development of an online store on Shopify and advertising

As an online store owner, you need to attract visitors to your website. And for this, it is worth using all existing channels. The most popular channels today are social media promotion, PPC, and content marketing. However, there is no panacea for all online stores. Before finding a channel that’s perfect for you, it’s worth trying all the options.

Also, to promote your business, you need to create business accounts on Twitter and Facebook. There, you can share fun and useful content, reaching a larger audience than if you only published photos of your products. Don’t ignore the experiences of previous sellers who have found success with visual-driven platforms like Instagram and Interest.

Such platforms have many advantages. First, your customers see quality images of your products. Second, your customers can generate content with your products. As a result, a strong community can develop around your company and trust in your products. In the eyes of your customers, if the company has already gained trust, then choosing this product will be easier than an unknown one.

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