According to the stats published on Wikipedia, 70 million adults are obese in the United State. Moreover, the World Health Organization also claims that 2.8 million people die every year due to overweight and obesity. Therefore it is important to prevent the overweight and obesity problem by making changes in your diet. Also you can have a look at Bio Complete 3 reviews which contains a potent blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics that helps improve metabolism, digestion and reduce cravings.

An unhealthy diet mostly contributes to overweight and obesity therefore for maintaining a healthy weight you have to eat healthy food. I contacted the best nutritionists in Islamabad to figure out what are the healthy foods that aid in weight loss and they all mentioned these 7 foods that are best for this purpose.

7 Best Food for Losing Weight

For losing unhealthy weight you need to eat eggs, salmon, beef, fish, potatoes, and soups. Why are these foods important and how do these foods contribute to weight loss? Let’s read about these weight loss foods below

1.       Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are helpful for keeping the cholesterol level balanced in your body. Besides this, they also contain anti-inflammatory properties and they promote a healthy brain and muscles. Whole eggs are an important source of amino acids and dietary fats.

Eating whole eggs for breakfast is good as it is low in calories and makes your stomach full which prevents unnecessary food intake.

2.       Leafy Greens

Besides whole eggs, vegetables are also helpful for maintaining a healthy weight. Vegetables like leafy green vegetables are best for this purpose. Vegetables like spinach, kale, collards, and chards are rich in nutrients and low in calories and carbs. Therefore eat leafy green vegetables for losing your extra weight.

Besides weight loss, leafy green vegetables are also helpful for reducing obesity, heart diseases, and blood pressure problems. The best time to eat such vegetables is during lunchtime.

3.       Salmon

Fish is important for your skin and it also affects the overall health of the body. The omega 3 fatty acid in the fish promotes weight loss. Moreover, it also controls the appetite hormones and increases metabolism. Fish like salmon is rich in protein which provides energy to the body. Salmon has anti-inflammatory properties which also protects the person from heart diseases.  

4.       Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

Fish is healthy for losing weight however if you are allergic to fish you can eat beef and chicken breast. Both of these items are helpful for losing weight because of low carbohydrates. Like fish, beef and chicken breast also fight against diabetes and heart-related problems.

Eating beef and chicken reduces the late-night cravings which can aid in weight loss.

5.       Boiled Potatoes

Eating boiled potatoes also helps in reducing weight. Potatoes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is rich in fiber which also promotes better digestion. Eating potatoes also improves the blood sugar level in the body.

No doubt, boiled potatoes are good for losing weight however if you get addicted to the potatoes it may lead to overweight.

6.       Beans and Legumes

Besides potatoes, you can also eat beans and legumes. Beans and legumes burn fats which helps in weight loss. Not only that but they also reduce blood sugar and control cholesterol levels. Beans are a rich source of fiber protein and vitamin B, which promotes cell health, improves the brain, and digestion also.

7.       Soups

If you are living in a cold region then here is another reason why you should enjoy soups. Soups are rich in energy and low in calories. Soups promote weight loss because they contain the high water content that fills your stomach and prevents you to eat unnecessarily.

Summing Up

Weight loss requires regular exercise and a proper diet plan. What you are eating has the most impact on your body because if you are eating unhealthy food, exercise is not going to help you with weight loss. Foods that help in losing weight include the whole eggs, soups, salmon fish, lean meat, and chicken. Eating these foods regularly will affect your body weight significantly.

Therefore eat all of the above-mentioned food for weight loss and if you are allergic to eggs or fish then its better to avoid such foods. Moreover, also avoid using fish supplements as they are not helpful for losing weight. 

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