The mavendigital mobile application is booming indeed, it is essential for brands to make their website or their blog mobile, when we know that mobile users spend an average of 58 minutes a day using connected applications. Do you want to give shape to your mobile application project but you don’t know which tool to choose? Creads has found for you 10 tools and software to create a mobile application, easily and without breaking the bank!



With AppMachine, you can use your website content as a stepping stone to build apps for iOS and Android. All you need to do is enter your URL and the tool imports whatever it finds useful for your application. It can import your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds and even images if you want. Rather original and useful!


Keosu is open source software that allows you to create and manage native applications. This free tool does not require specific computer skills. In addition, you can customize the applications endlessly and publish your application on the stores (Android and Apple Store)


Appyet is a free and ideal tool to create a native application for Android in 5 minutes. Easy to use, it does not require specific programming knowledge. In addition, you have the possibility of monetizing its mobile application thanks to advertising banners.


The AppliGo Application Designer is the perfect solution to easily create your application. The tool offers a modular do-it-yourself application kit system, tailor-made solutions for your industry, easy and inexpensive access to “mobile marketing” and action and discussion-oriented applications.


Do you want to create an application for news, the broadcasting of events, or even music? Make Me Droid is a customizable, easy-to-use tool that lets you build your app in minutes. The site even offers a tutorial to help you design your first app!


Are you looking for an easy-to-use, affordable and powerful tool? Shoutem has everything you need to create amazing apps. No coding skills required, a “drag and drop” interface, an extremely user-friendly platform and a preview in the native preview app . What more ?


The Mobincube site seduces with its free access and its multiple formulas offered at very competitive prices (the most affordable formula being the one at 2.99 euros monthly, the most expensive is at 99.99 euros monthly). The [+]? You can customize every little detail in your app and even  earn money by monetizing the ads in your app.


Appsbar is a free tool that allows you to design an application and distribute it to the different app stores (Apple Store Android, Windows and BlackBerry). Start by choosing your type of application according to your business needs (business, music, events and more), then design it and relay it. A few clicks are all it takes to create your application!


For your tailor-made mobile application development projects, Swiftic is not limited to creating applications for Android and iPhone, the platform also offers promotional functions (possibility of managing loyalty cards, events, etc.). The formulas all offer access to all the services, only the price changes according to your payment per month (50 euros), per year (42 euros) or every 2 years (36 euros).


Good Barber is a tool that allows you to create a mobile and tablet application. It offers more than 50 themes to allow you to express your creativity while creating a unique user experience. The trial is free for 30 days, then, after this period, you must subscribe to a paid offer. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, it’s worth it!

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