Firmware is a term used to represent a piece of code which is embedded into modern day devices with the motive of making them functional. When the term embedded is combined with firmware then it denotes that the firmware is coded in order to control the embedded hardware. Here we are going to talk about embedded firmware development and how it is essential for businesses. 

What is Embedded Firmware

An embedded system is the combination of embedded hardware and embedded software. The software code which runs on the embedded hardware is called embedded firmware. In other words it is a flash memory chip which contains the software codes used to control and operate the embedded system. 

Embedded firmware holds a very significant role in the development of embedded devices; all the functionalities, features and operations are controlled by the firmware code. A firmware is found in every embedded device whether small or large. The complexity of the firmware code can increase as the complexity of the device increases. For an instance a firmware code for a remote control might be easy as compared to the firmware code of an asset tracking system.

Let’s understand embedded firmware development and other languages used for embedded firmware design. Furthermore, we will understand how it helps in business growth.

What is Embedded Firmware Development?

Embedded firmware is a code which is written in order to add functionalities in the embedded hardware. Embedded firmware development includes writing the code which will be running on the hardware device. However it is not similar to writing a software code which is usually written on PC. The firmware code is written on a microprocessor or microcontroller. 

In simpler terms, Embedded firmware development is the process of integrating the soul into the embedded hardware so that they can perform the functions for which they are designed. However, firmware code cannot be changed or updated after writing once. Like a washing machine will work the same as it is functioned to work at the time of development till the time it gets in the wear out phase. But why do we need firmware development? Let’s find out the answer together.

What is the need of embedded firmware development?

Embedded firmware development is a necessary part in the development of complete embedded systems. An embedded device is just a piece of hardware and Firmware code makes the device functional. A firmware developer needs the following qualities to develop a professional firmware code as per the device requirements.

Embedded Firmware Design Languages

Programming languages which are used to design embedded firmware are as follows:

  1. C

C is not just a computer programming language but also preferred as the best programming language when it comes to developing firmware code. It uses less memory as compared to other languages and also speeds up the programming process. Some benefits of using C language for writing firmware code are:

  1. C++

A more knowledgeable and experienced developer will go for or C++ language when it comes to embedded firmware development because of its additional features. Some benefits of using C++ language for writing firmware code are:

  1. JAVA

Java is the most preferred language for secure software applications and also can be used for embedded firmware coding. It is preferred for writing firmware codes because the code can be easily integrated with IoT platforms. Some benefits of using JAVA language for writing firmware code are:

  1. JAVAScript

The embedded systems where most of the operations require network integration, JavaScript is the best firmware language for that. Some benefits of using JavaScript language for writing firmware code are:


Python programming language comes with a large number of programming benefits when it comes to programming a firmware code. Some benefits of using Python language for writing firmware code are:

  1. VDHL

VHDL is the general purpose parallel programming language and known as best suited for coding modern day embedded devices. Some benefits of using VHDL language for writing firmware code are:


Embedded C++ programming language is developed mainly for embedded system programming. It is a subset of C++ programming language but all the features not necessarily needed in embedded firmware development are omitted. Some benefits of using embedded C++ language for writing firmware code are:

How does embedded firmware development help in business growth?

Business is dealing in embedded devices with me every there business profit with embedded firmware development. Devices as small as bread toasters also need Firmware coding and devices like soil monitoring systems also need Firmware development. Therefore, we can say that the complexity of embedded firmware development can vary but the need of firmware in embedded devices is constant.

Basically the use of embedded firmware is 2 to control the operations of basic to complex hardware devices. Businesses can benefit from firmware development as it controls the functionalities and also provides security to the embedded systems. 


The above article provides complete insight of embedded firmware development. It is most needed not only for embedding functionalities to the embedded hardware but also for security of the device. 

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