With the Covid-19 setting across the world, hand sanitizers’ demand emerged, leading to a supply chain crisis. Most of the stores did not allow the customers to buy two big packs of hand sanitizers at one single go. The real supply chain crisis is anticipated to take place when the entire world is vaccinated. Hence the process of planning, manufacturing, and distributing the vaccines needs to be implemented systematically. 

While we still try our best to flatten the pandemic curve, the next biggest challenge will take place after developing and approving the vaccine. Another challenge is distributing the vaccines among billions that can make things more complicated. Some other challenges might include proper storing and packaging of the vaccine and matters related to shipping. With proper implementation of the SAP solution technology, it predicted that the world would overcome the challenges and strive towards becoming a COVID free nation soon. 

Challenges in the Supply Chain Industry

This article talks about the various challenges that the nation might come across even after creating the vaccine. 

Proper Designing and Formulation of Vaccine

The development of a vaccine goes through multiple stages, including clinical trial sessions and approval. Scientists are trying to create a vaccine against Coronavirus, and there are many vaccines tracked by WHO that are undergoing clinical preparation in recent times.  

Planning for the Entire Nation

Although the industries are opening up, things are good in sync today, and as per prediction, the future is no better. If companies and business consulting are dedicated to preparing and ensuring a better supply chain for the Covid-19 vaccine, they must do things meticulously with 100 percent accuracy. Compared with different pharmaceutical drugs, the vaccines are difficult to manufacture, and the companies should acknowledge this and prepare the vaccines considering the manufacturing capacity. 

The Biggest Challenge in Manufacturing

The next challenge is manufacturing the vaccines in the right quantity to cope with the world’s population. To meet the demand, manufacturing will be required to be done on massive levels. To fulfil the global demand, many production plants must be set up so as to vaccinate the massive population. Plus, another big question is how long will it take to vaccinate the entire nation. If the vaccine is approved this year, it will take around two years for the entire world to be vaccinated due to the limitation of the manufacturing capabilities. Also, as companies start to shift their focus on developing the Covid-19 vaccine, there might be a shortage in the other vaccines, like mumps, rubella, and measles. 

The Challenges Related to Logistics

Another big question is if the industries would be prepared to face the challenges of delivering vaccines worldwide. Once the vaccine is approved, appropriate planning of the shipping of vaccines will be required. With the shrinking economy, many freight companies might face challenges in catering to customers’ needs due to the shortage of cargo planes and ships. 

Another problem is transporting the vaccines to rural areas, thus demanding exceptional logistics services. Therefore, massive investment to strengthen national supply and international chains are required for the vaccines to be distributed among everyone.

Capacity Problem

Another problem is the capacity problem, thus concerning the cold chains. According to health authorities, when a vaccine would come to the market, it would be required to be kept around 8 degrees Celsius during shipping. According to experts, around half of the vaccines are wasted due to fluctuation in the supply chains’ temperature. Hence, temperature control can also be an issue during the transit of these vaccines. Moreover, as per experts, the logistics must ensure a tight connection for the vaccine’s shipping as soon as it is created. 

Additional Challenges

Another challenge involves countries like Brazil, India and China have a massive industry that produces vaccines, but these countries have a huge population due to which there is a possibility of them reserving the stocks for their countrymen before selling it in the world market. 


Among all these, the good news is the government and the pharmaceutical companies are planning their move and have enough time to address the concern before the vaccine is out. With the researchers working relentlessly, it is believed the vaccine would be created soon. 

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