As a generation that strives for perfection, the way your body looks means everything. If you’re confident about your body, you’re automatically positive about everything else in your life. However, it takes a single flaw for anybody to feel insecure about themselves. The most common thing, which women and men are both are shy about, is the loose skin that makes our arms and thighs look flabby. As compared to men, women tend to put on more weight in areas like arms, waist, and thighs, due to the effects of hormones and stress. Therefore, women are more likely to have bingo wings. 

Most people go to extreme lengths to get rid of the extra fat layers from their bodies and opt for dangerous plastic surgeries. These operations come with numerous risks and side effects. Some of them are cancer, skin infections, and in worst cases, even death. 

Bingo wings refer to the swathe of the flappy fatty layer that forms between the elbow and underarms. The usual cause of bingo wings is the accumulation of body fat, paired with low muscle mass in the upper body. An inadequate body posture and a non-balanced diet contribute to the formation of bingo wings in most women. However, thanks to research and advanced technology, you can get rid of bingo wings without going under the knife. If you want to know how? Read along. 

Non-Invasive surgical treatments for bingo wings:  

In the UK, bingo wings removal is achievable, without going through any surgery. Various non-surgical treatments can help women and men achieve their body goals, and tone and tighten their muscles and skin. 

The following are the top two non-invasive treatments that will make you kiss goodbye to bingo wings forever. 

LED Therapy: 

Stubborn fat pockets in the body are the most difficult to eliminate. Most people give up and opt for surgeries like liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat. However, that comes with its own set of risks. LED therapy is one of the most effective ways a person can steer clear of thick and uncompromising body fat, such as bingo wings. 

Fats are temperature-sensitive tissues. When fat tissues become subject to high temperatures, they convert into fatty acids. The body naturally eliminates the melted fatty acids in 1-3 months. The reduction in the fat cells results in 25-40% of weight loss in the treated area. 

The application of this method depends on the size of the bingo wings. In most patients, the results of the LED therapy are visible in 2-3 weeks. This method is not only valid for the removal of bingo wings, but also helps in reshaping, remodelling, and toning the skin. 


Another proficient non-surgical treatment for bingo wings removal is called cavitation. It uses ultrasound to target the fatty layers that lift the saggy skin and promote skin tightening. Cavitation is widely popular as the technique of achieving a non-surgical thigh gap in the UK. However, it is also efficient in reducing bingo wings in the upper arms of the body. 

If you pair LED therapy with cavitation, you will achieve t mind-blowing results, in terms of tightening the loose skin and enhancing the skin’s laxity for a better toned upper body. It takes about twelve to sixteen weeks to see the real results of cavitation. Just like LED therapy, the method and duration of cavitation depend on the size of the target area. In most patients, a thirty-minute session, per sitting, is enough to gain significant fat loss in the arms. 

Routine exercise, a nutritious and healthy diet, along with a professional aesthetician, can transform the look of your whole body in a few months. However, thorough research is necessary before going for any surgical or non-surgical treatment on your body. 


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