Staying at home has become very important. During the COVID-19 pandemic, indulge of endless snacks has been increased. The below-mentioned snacks ideas would ensure that your pants would be fit you with minimized sweet cravings. Check out these healthy snack ideas for you and your loved ones.

The presentation would make the food more delicious. When it comes to presenting snacks and other food items, Kraft Boxes makes the perfect packaging choice. These boxes have great resistance quality; as a result, it offers a unique food presentation. 

Trail mix

It doesn’t only healthy, but also delicious. You just need to mix nuts, seeds, fruit, and chocolate.

Smoothie blend

You can blend a smoothie using frozen fruit of your choice. Just mix Greek yogurt, milk, and fruit of your choice. And your smoothie would be ready.

Vegetable Smoothie

If you are a vegetarian, then give a try to the Vegetable Smoothie. You need to add spinach or kale and water. Your sneaky serving of vegetable smoothie would be ready. You can make a Smoothie with a blend of veggies, cheese, yogurt, spices, and herbs.

Meat roll ups

You can make meat roll-ups for snacking. You just need to spread the meat and cream cheese. Try to add onion, garlic, dill, parsley, chives, salt, and pepper in it. You can also add bell pepper and cucumber, or any vegetable for your choice for crunchy flavor.

Garbanzo beans

For this recipe, you need to blend beans with lemon, oil, and garlic. It is one of the best and easy homemade hummus. You can also take it with crackers or pita bread.

You can also take it with banana, apple, and celery with peanut butter. The garnishing of dried cranberries looks perfect on it and gives a gristly texture.

Hard-boiled egg

If you are diet conscious, then it is a quick protein snack to your diet. You can refrigerate them for 1 week in advance.

Apple Cake

Everyone eats lots of food while staying at home. Dip apples in honey make a perfect dessert for this New Year. You can also add flavors into this dessert. Try to use no oil, substituting applesauce while making it.  Right-sized Kraft packaging boxes are available in the market for its packaging.

 French toast

If you have excess challah, then don’t worry. The best way to use it by making French toast. In this way, it wouldn’t be wasted! Just prep the ingredients in the night before sleeping and bake in the morning easily!

Apple Bars

In the case of a busy schedule, you can make a gorgeous apple pie. You can make it more delicious with crumb topping.  

Apple Cider Cake

If you are looking for the delicious apple-based dessert, then mix apple cider and baked apples together. Just combine it with a caramel butter to make the perfect cake.

 Chocolate Cake

This cake is based on basic ingredients! You don’t need to use the flour in it. It would be still fleecy, and delightful without it.

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