Building a sliding door – step by step

How do I build a sliding door?

Whether lockable door or room dividers, made of glass or wood – sliding doors look elegant and offer many advantages: The doors take up little space and, depending on the construction, even disappear completely into the wall or niche. Even with cupboards, sliding doors are usually more space-saving than swing doors . With sliding screen doors, you can assemble a sliding glass door with all the elements such as the door leaf and running rails yourself in the living room, or you can equip a cupboard with them later. You can also build a perfectly fitting wooden sliding door yourself with the appropriate building materials, the appropriate instructions and at comparatively low costs.

Before you start building and installing the sliding door, precisely measure all areas around the future door. With the dimensions you then calculate the required material. Now prepare the door leaf for the assembly of all components such as the sliding door fittings . Then assemble all parts and attach the necessary running rails to the ceiling and the floor. Finally, hang in the finished door leaf and test the function. If everything fits, you can still paint or varnish the new sliding door.


  1. Measure the sliding door

At a glance

  • Determine all measured values ​​for the door
  • Create a sketch with measurement results

That’s how it goes

Measure the space provided for the new sliding door precisely. Use the measurements to make a sketch . The rough drawing with the exact data will help you with further planning and material procurement.

  1. Calculate the elements required for the sliding door

At a glance

  • Determine the width and height of the new sliding door
  • Select fittings, rails or sliding door system

That’s how it goes

With a passage, the width should be at least 90-100 cm so that a wheelchair of around 80-90 cm, for example, can comfortably fit through. You can determine the height using the instructions for the fitting set . It must be adjusted later depending on the roles, the thickness of the rails and the floor covering. The width and height of the door are important for the weight of the desired material.

Now select all elements such as fittings, rails and rollers or the entire sliding door system and determine the respective weight. The sliding door and all of its elements must be below the permissible weight for the hardware – even if they overlap by about 5 cm on each side.

  1. Selection and cutting of the door panel material for the sliding doors

At a glance

  • Select a wooden panel for the sliding door
  • Have the door leaf cut to size

That’s how it goes

Choose the right material for the sliding door: for example a 19 mm thick chipboard  with 12 or 13 kg per m² or a 19 mm thick MDF board with 16 to 17 kg per m². You can have the door leaf cut to size for you directly by the cutting service.

  1. Prepare and process the door elements of the sliding door

At a glance

  • Saw out cut-outs for rollers and handle
  • Possibly. Mill the groove in the lower edge

That’s how it goes

Next, saw out the necessary cutouts for the rollers and the handle according to the instructions for the fittings. Depending on the system and the lower rail, you may also mill a groove in the lower edge.

Then sand the plate depending on the material. Smooth the edges with sandpaper . Next, prime the future door leaf for subsequent painting, painting or wallpapering. Let the sliding door dry out thoroughly first. Then apply the finishing treatment and allow the panels to dry through again. Alternatively, you can use coated panels, glue or coat the door leaf yourself. You can also use aluminum profiles for the edges.

Note : Always treat wooden panels from both sides – even if the back of the door is not visible at all. This way you avoid the panel warping and the sliding door starting to rake and jam.

  1. Attach fittings to the sliding door elements

At a glance

  • Mount fittings
  • Attach self-adhesive sealing brushes

That’s how it goes

Now assemble the fittings for the sliding door according to the instructions in the fitting set. To seal the lateral gaps on sliding doors, attach self-adhesive sealing brushes to the overlapping sides. Glue the seals along the invisible edge.

  1. Attach rails to the ceiling and floor

At a glance

  • Adjust and mount guide rails
  • Always check the correct position with a spirit level

That’s how it goes

Now measure the length of the ceiling rail for the sliding door exactly. Adjust this guide rail accordingly. Then hold the rail in the desired position with an assistant and mark the drill holes with a pencil. Drill the holes of the appropriate size and then attach the ceiling rail according to the instructions. Check the horizontal alignment of the guide rail with a spirit level.

Now shorten the bottom rail of the sliding door to the appropriate length. Place the running rail and suspend the door element. You can also align the sliding door using a spirit level and slide the bottom rail into the correct position. If you have several doors or rails, repeat the process as often as necessary. Mark the drill holes for the rails. Then unhook the doors again, drill the holes and then mount the rails as described in the instructions.

  1. Hang in the door elements of the sliding door

At a glance

  • Attach the sliding door with all the elements
  • Possibly. Compensate for unevenness with a wooden slat

That’s how it goes

When hanging the sliding door, go from back to front and align the door with the adjusting screws on the side of the fittings, if necessary, until it closes flush.

Tip : If the walls are so crooked or uneven that alignment is impossible, you can compensate for this with a wooden slat with a matching color. To do this, hold the untreated batten against the wall and paint the unevenness of the wall exactly. Tie a string around a pencil and wrap the other end around a finger. Then run your finger along the wall and transfer the line to the lath with the pencil stretched on the string. Now saw the bar to match, treat it and attach it – the sliding door should close optimally after installation.

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