Choosing the quadrant shower tray and enclosure in the UK

The quadrant shower tray should be carefully selected to fit into your cubicle, and this is the most important factor to consider for any tray. While living in the UK, you can choose among lightweight and luxury, compact and luxurious designs. Plus, you must test the water pressure it can withstand before buying a tray. It should carefully mount because it can cause leakage. Normal drainage systems require higher drainage levels and a deeper bathroom.  

The quadrant shower trays come in various sizes and styles. The surface of the tray should be taken care of, so it is not slippery. You must also check the bathroom floor and the height before you purchase the shower tray to make it clear the tray size suits in or does not fit in your bathroom. ⠀

In this article, an explanation has been given on how to pick the best quadrant shower tray for your enclosure and give you some suggestions on what you should do to prevent any unwanted problems in the bathroom.

1. Measuring Up

It may seem obvious to most people to measure the room in which you are going to place your quadrant shower enclosure. But you will wonder how many people must buy the cubicle and forget the size, only because their dream cubicle does not fit when it is turn up. Make sure you measure!

2. Choosing the Correct Shower Tray

There are so many shower trays to choose from and the one you choose can be confusing. You need a four-point shower tray with quadrant showers. In the wet room, you would need a wet room floor former tray or a slender shower tray, which can sink on the floor. There are many trays available for showers that are appropriate to fit the requirements, depending on how you are installation and how you feel.

You must use slim or low-profile shower trays from 25 mm – 45 mm if you follow the modern wet several materials to choose; find long, robust but highly cost-effective ABS Capped Acrylic Resin Trays or Acrylic Capped trays. A riser kit can also be useful to get a user-friendly distance from they can find stone resin and solid surface trays in different shades, which are oozing and are sure to be a highlight of your bathroom. You can find a tremendous variety of quadrant shower trays in the UK in original material in the UK bathroom stores

3. Space

Finally, be mindful of the room in which it mounts your cubicle. The bathroom is somewhere you will get a fresh feel every day. Hence, the space to roam in the washing area must be sufficient. Likewise, the door should also select accordingly. A double sliding door is not efficient for small quadrant shower cubicle and could cause injury. 

Be sure you know the type of door you have on the enclosure and how it opens, so you can test on which side of the door you want to open it and not touch any other furniture or fixtures. Do not overlook how the door of the bathroom opens and whether the opening of the door will affect. Ultimately, look at the ceiling height, as it can be lower than the norm when building in a small room, loft conversion.

You can easily find out the online suppliers of quadrant shower tray who can give you enough guidance in this regard. On the other hand, choose a company which urge you to deliver the product at your doorstep with reasonable exchange policy in case of any damage. Good day!

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