If you are a smart entrepreneur who has kept his eyes open about the growing business trends in the world, then chances are that you have already heard about and researched over the Gojek Clone app. Ever since the rise of the Gojek company in the last few years, many entrepreneurs are trying to set up their own business with the help of a fully functional on demand multi services app like Gojek. 

There are typically two ways in which one can start their own business based on an app like Gojek. 

Build an app from scratch

Many business owners prefer to build their own app from scratch. This is because it naturally lends them greater flexibility with the structure of the app and the general flow. What’s more, they can handpick the features that they want to include in the app and keep the rest at bay. But there are two major disadvantages in this method. One, it is a very time consuming picture. This means basically, that building a complicated app such as the Gojek app takes a lot of time. Gojek is a very large app. There are so many different aspects to the app that building it may take anything between 18 to 24 months. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of time in the anticipation of the application, this might not be the best way for you to proceed. The second problem is that it is a very expensive option. You have to hire top resources to build the app and even rent a development center not to mention spend on the technology stack and the kind of infrastructure needed to build the infrastructure. 

Buy a ready made app

This is the option that most people prefer. The app is already in a ready state so you can look at it thoroughly and scrutinize it as much as you like without worrying about having to pay for something in the blind. You can take a demo of the app and see exactly how it works. The app is in front of you so that in case there are some aspects to the app that you do not want or like, you can easily move on to some other app  that seems more appropriate for your business. 

How to select the right company to develop the Gojek Clone App?

Ever since the multi services on demand app has gained popularity across the world, more and more developers are building their own versions of the Gojek Clone app. This can be the cause for worry for many entrepreneurs as they find themselves confused and in a soup about which company to rely on for their own on demand multi services app like Gojek

Here are a few tips that can help you come to the right decision about the app for your company. 

What is the experience of the company?

For all things related to technology, it is important to understand that experience is the only way people can harness the power of technology. What we mean to say that all the world’s theoretical knowledge will not help you build the right kind of app. The only way t be sure of building the right kind of technological apps, you need experience. This is why; the first thing that you must look for in the company is that they have adequate experience. 

What is the preferred mode of communication?

No company that has the right kind of business and quality of work will have so much time on their hands to yap away with you. They have to be absolutely no time to play nice to you. Companies that have a solid and operational business will only mean business. They will only talk to you directly about your business requirements. They will be direct about what they have and what you want. If you are looking for a good company, don’t expect lengthy phone calls or Whatsapp messages. You’ll have everything in crystal clear emails. 

Do you get a project manager?

Having a single point of contact is critical when it comes to securing your own app. Please note that while the world has become a smaller place with technology, more and more people try to reach out to overseas and offshore companies for their digital and technical needs owing to expertise and costing. While the company you select may have great apps and good knowledge in building the right kind of apps, it may become difficult for you to communicate with them if there is no dedicated point of contact. There are so many different things that you might have to communicate to your developer that things might get confusing. Look for the company that offers you a reliable project manager to assist you at every step of the project. 


The only way to get your hands on the right kind of Multi Services app like Gojek that works with the on demand model is to make sure that you purchase the app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company who has at least 6 to 8 years of experience, has already served at least a few hundred clients in that duration and has already established an effective communication line with their clients. Another thing to be noted is the availability of a project manager. It is important to have one because they will ensure smooth communication and the delivery and launch of the app in the pre decided timeline. 

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