How will you connect Hp officejet pro 6978 with a wifi router?

Wireless Internet 802.11/b / g / n network that involves an access point or router facilitated by WPS. You need to connect your computer or laptop to a wireless internet network that the printer is associated with.


·       You need to press and hold down the wireless button to turn on the WPS button for a few seconds. The wireless light now starts blinking. To know more about 6978 you need to visit on the given link. 

·        Now, on your router, you need to press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button.

·        It takes some time for the printer to ascertain the wireless connection.


·        You need to tap on the wireless button on the control panel.

·      When you recognize the printer in error or execute a job, hold until the printer conducts the task and push the Wireless button.

·        Choose Settings from the printer control panel.

 ·       Now, hit Protected Wi-Fi Setup from the file of functional alternatives.

·        Hit the Push button and follow the instructions.

·        If not, select PIN and follow the on-screen instructions.

How will you connect hp officejet pro 6978 without wifi router?

·        You need to turn on the direct wireless from the control panel of the printer.

·        You need to tap on the Direct Wireless icon on the home screen of the printer.

 ·        Select Settings if the Wireless Direct setting is turned off.

·        Choose ON (No Security) or ON (With Security) again, to Wireless Direct.

·        If the Wireless Direct is permitted, you can learn the wireless direct and password 

·        Tap on the direct wireless icon on the home screen of the printer.

·        To show the direct wireless name, choose Display Name.

·        Choose Password display to show the password.

·        Turn on your computer or mobile device wireless association.

·        Explore for the desired printer and assemble it to the direct wireless name.

·        Type the Wireless Direct password when ordered.

·        Attempt to print a mobile or computer document or photo.

How will you connect hp officejet pro 6978 wireless set up on windows?

·        First of all, you need to click on your desktop screen’s Start button.

·        Then, you need to Type’ Add Printer’ in the menu bar search.

·        A new dialog box will come and ask what kind of printer you would prefer to install.

·        Select Wireless network or Bluetooth printer to be enhanced.

·        Assign’ Use an existing port’ and then, tap Next.

·        If the USB connection is established, choose Add a local printer.

·        Designate the name of the printer from the list of available alternatives and then tap Next.

·        A new dialog box begins to request that the printer driver be established.

·      After that, you need to go to the Update tab for Windows and then hit HP or Hewlett Packard.

How will you connect hp officejet pro 6978 wireless setup on mac devices?

If you want to select the Network or Wireless menu, then you need to tap on Setup. If you want to know more about it 123 hp com setup so, you need to visit on the given link. 

·        Then, you need to click on Wireless Setup Wizard from the list of available alternatives.

·     The wireless networks list will display on the screen. Choose the one which you want to employ.

·        On request, you need to enter the WEP password of the wireless network key.

·       You will soon assemble your printer to the wireless network. Once associated, you need to print a test report to observe whether the printer is working properly or not.

·       Also, the MAC printer driver should not be established individually. When you revise the Apple device software, it will be installed immediately.

·        Now utilize a USB connection to connect your HP printer and your Apple device.

·        Connect other mac devices via wired or wireless connection to the web network.

·         Then, you need to go to the Apple device menu alternative and rework touch software. Contrarily, choose Software Updates and select about this Mac.

·        Choose Install now.


With the help of these set up processes, you can easily connect your printer with wireless internet connection. If you face any problem while setting up the printer, then without wasting time, make a call to the customer support. As we know, HP printers are one of the best printing devices in the world. Customer care agents will give you easy and complete information about HP printer 6978 issues. They will also tell you about extra features about the printer so, you can easily access those features. 

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