AT&T Email Not Working – Resolve AT&T Email Login Issues!


AT&T is one of the biggest telecom operators in the world, and they have millions of users. Similarly, they also provide email solutions to anyone who wants to use it for better features and functionalities. The email service from AT&T is unique in many ways, and it is equipped with high-security features to keep everything secure. 

Which is why many users stick to their AT&T email ids provided by their network providers. But sometimes, they may encounter a few errors while working on their emails. And the most frustrating error you would encounter is the login error. Yes, often you may face login issues in any of the devices you are using on your computer. 

To get rid of this kind of error, you have to follow a few steps on your browser, computer, or mobile device. However, in rare cases, you may not be able to resolve the error as the problem arises from the AT&T servers. 

There are many types of AT&T email login issues that are listed here. 

  • Incorrect username or Password Issue
  • Email not Working
  • Not able to log in on Desktop browsers

Well, these are some of the issues you may face while accessing the AT&T email account. Here is what you need to do when you face this. 

Resolve AT&T login Issues:

There are many steps involved to fix the issues, and you have to follow the steps listed below based on the issues.

  1. Incorrect username or Password Issue – At times, you will notice that you get the incorrect username and password error. It means that you are not entering the correct password or username. So, you need to make sure that you enter the right username. The password in the AT&T email is case sensitive; you have to make sure that the caps lock button is not pressed. 
  1. Email not Working – You may encounter email not working issues even when you are entering the correct login information. It means there is an issue with the AT&T email server, and you need to check online for that. You will find the relevant information about the server crash online. There are many websites that report the downtime of big websites like AT&T, and you can check those out. 
  1. Not able to log in on Desktop Browsers – When everything is fine, and you are entering the correct details, it means there is some problem with your web browser. So, you can use these steps to resolve the issue. 
  • First, you have to remove all the cookies and cache from the browser and then try to log in. 
  • Then, you have to disable all extensions you are using on your browsers. Most browser extensions have access to all your information, and they can interfere in the working of a particular website. 
  • You may also have to consider the security tools installed on your device. These tools often block access to a particular website. You can either whitelist the AT&T official website or disable these tools for some time. 
  1. Incorrect email settings in Outlook – If you can’t access AT&T email in Outlook, then you need to check the settings of Outlook. You must update the AT&T email settings to the new one as they keep updating their servers. 

Here are the latest settings for AT&T email:

Incoming mail server:

  • Server type – IMAP
  • Server name –
  • Security type – TLS/SSL
  • Port – 993

Outgoing mail server:

  • Server type – SMTP
  • Server name –
  • Security type –SSL/TLS
  • Port – 465

Now, you have to log out of your account and login back in to check whether the problem is resolved or not. If not, then you can use these tips to resolve different problems. 

  • You should check the size limit of the emails to send an attachment.
  • You should also ensure the correctness of the recipient email address to avoid delivery failure. 
  • You are not receiving particular emails, and then you can check them out in the spam folder. Sometimes, emails are sent to the spam folder even when they are not spamming mails. Also, make sure you have not blocked anyone from sending you emails. 

Now, we’ve seen AT&T email issues and their possible solutions. If you want to know how to solve AT& yahoo email login, then you can log on to You will find a lot of useful articles and blogs there related to AT&T and its issues.


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