The most popular video app TikTok that was owned by the Chinese company has faced a ban recently by the GovernmentGovernment. After its ban, there were so many TikTok Clone app who are trying to replace the app. Now, this TikTok app has got a new idea to be in the eye of people through setting up their first European data centre in Ireland. TikTok app is proving its presence again all over the country where it has been a centre dealing with the local regulatory problems. 

TikTok has decided to start the first European data centre, and they agreed to establish it in Ireland. Ireland is expected to be proved as an essential location for the global operations of the company.   

Overview of The Initiative by TikTok

TikTok has announced plans to build a European data centre in Ireland. This data centre will provide the opportunity of hundreds of new jobs that will help have faster loading time and storage of European user data safely. Ireland has been known as one of the largest centres for data centres and compering operations for large techno-savvy companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet Inc’s Google. 

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Tiktok has invested around 420 million euros ($499 Million) in this new project as this data centre signals the commitment for long-term to Ireland. This data centre is expected to open and ready for all the operations by early 2022. 

TikTok took this step after its parent company ByteDance stated the shifting of headquarter of Tiktok external and it could resituate to London. As we already know, foreign businesses direct considerably for one in the ten jobs in Ireland affected by a low corporate tax rate. TikTok app has also shifted its European’s privacy oversight to Ireland in June, and it has been stated that its UK and Irish units will take over from the US enterprise in safeguarding and managing the user’s data of Europe.  

Reason Behind the Move by TikTok

After the ban of TikTok, there came various Tiktok clone scripts and apps in the light. Some of them were good to replace the TikTok app, but this initiative by the Government left everyone shocked. But after almost one month, TikTok has come back with this new step. This app decided to create the first European data centre in Ireland, and various people appreciate this move.  

This data centre will stock all the messages, videos, and other data of the European users if they are using this short video sharing app TikTok. Till now, all the records of users were stored in the US country, while having its back-up copy in Singapore. Tiktok took this step when US president trump threatened to ban the TikTok as it has a national security risk.  

However, the parent company of TikTok situated in Beijing denies all the charges. Still, there is the rumour that it has talked to sell the operations of Australia, US, Canada, and New Zealand to Microsoft. 

Information About Privacy Statement

Like many other apps similar to TikTok and social media apps, TikTok app also collects a lot of information regarding users all over the world, and its privacy policy includes all these following elements-

All this user’s data is gathered for targeting the audiences and advertisements. It helps alter the strong algorithm. But there is a rumour that Chinese companies can demand access due to National Intelligence law. On the other hand, Tiktok clone app and the Chinese version of Douyin has been recorded in continental China. Also, TikTok states it has all the data of the user separate and doesn’t give access to Chinese Government. And, after Trump’s recent action, this company is now not ready to store the data within the US. 

Security Review  

It has been a piece of vibrant news when TikTok decided to sell its business parts to outside of the US. Oddly, the deal included all the members of the security coalition except the UK. TikTok is saying that the reason behind selling their actions to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is because, with the US, they were managing the operations presently as a single section under a similar executive.   

Final Verdict

This new initiative of Tiktok is promising to give hundreds of jobs, shorten the loading time, and also improve the safety and security of user’s data. We hope this new move will again provide popularity like before to the TikTok app. Still, there are various Tiktok clone Development Companies like BR Softech, who are trying to provide users with amazing experiences like TikTok through creating TikTok clone apps. Contact us for having any development services. 

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