There are very few certifications available in the field of cybersecurity. However, the two major certifications are CISSP and Security+. We are going to discuss the major difference between the two in further discussions. Both are leading certifications in this field, and are very advanced in nature. They impart quality training to the individuals who clear the certification exams. Also, the domains these certifications cover are very dynamic in nature and are vast. IT cybersecurity has become a major field and is growing rapidly day by day, having these certifications under belt ensures one of getting a topnotch understanding of this field and increase the chances of getting recruited by several companies by manifolds. 

While differentiating these two credentials, one should keep in mind the major aspects due to which they are different. These are the theories and work domain.

In comparison to CISSP, Security+ is a very basic level of certification. CISSP is more technical in nature, whereas Security+ focuses more on the basic understanding of the IT sector. In order to get a CISSP certification, an individual is required to work for at least five years in two or more domains, or if one doesn’t have the experience and clears the exam, then he/she has to wait for another six years to be CISSP certified and work as an Associate of (ISC)2. The exam pattern of CISSP is more hectic and complicated, and the syllabus is evenly distributed which makes the exam more difficult as candidates have to read and understand, each and every domain very carefully with minute details. 

Details about CISSP

The CISSP certification exam revolves around eight domains which are decided by the (ISC)2. This exam is very technical in nature and requires sound and proper understanding of all the eight domains. This certification also requires a certain level of experience working under the work environment of these domains. The skills required in this exam are very high; individuals appearing in this exam are already paid employees in some companies and firms. There are eight domains in CISSP, which needs to be mastered by the candidates in order to be able to qualify for the exam. After one passes the exam, the individual can hold various important positions in several big companies. The average salary of a CISSP certificate holder is around $130,000. It ensures zero unemployment as the certificate holders are only 142,000 in number around the world. It is one of the most sought after certification in this field. The exam is available in 8 languages and can be appeared by candidates in 114 countries. This certification has a higher reach than Security+ and is recognized in 170 countries. This is an example to portray how popular the certification is at a global stage. Individuals having this certificate have a 35% higher chance of getting recruited than individuals with no certification, i.e., priority is given to CISSP certified professionals as they have profound knowledge and experience in this field. 


Now coming to Security+, it is a globally recognized certification which gives you the training necessary to understand the core security functions. After obtaining this certification, one can pursue a career in IT security career. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics of the IT sector, this certification is designed and aligned according to the modern trends and has a check on the recent developments in this field. The job roles available to an individual after obtaining this certification are Security Administrator, Network Administrator, System Administrator, IT Auditor, etc. There is a different pattern of this exam that is going to be adopted in November 2020. This time it will focus on the Internet of Things, cloud computing, hybrid cloud systems, and analysis of the principles of governance, regulations and legalities in the IT sector. This exam will also focus on security events, and the response to those events exam pattern is in multiple-choice and performance-based. It has a total number of 90 questions, and the passing score is 750. The prerequisite for having this certification is an experience as an IT Administrator for two years, and understanding of CompTIA Network+. This exam is available for candidates in two languages, and the old version was available in 4 languages. The price for giving this exam is $349.

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