Owning a car makes your life easier, and there’s no doubt in that. But it’s not about owning a vehicle, it’s about maintaining the longevity of the vehicle. You might have heard that one should keep a proper check on the vehicle’s timing belt. Most of the vehicles consist of a timing belt to ensure the precise timing of the parts and smooth functioning of the engine. It is a rubber belt that connects pistons and crankshaft to the valves and camshaft. And neglecting the proper maintenance of the timing belt will surely affect your wallet. So, here we will be focusing on the volkswagen timing belt and when you should take it for repair. 

Now, let us move further and discuss more timing belts. If you own a Volkswagen car, then it is a must for you to read this and grab some knowledge about Volkswagen timing belt.

About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the well-known companies that sells thousands of cars every year while ensuring the people’s needs and safety. And if you own the latest Volkswagen model, you will be glad to know that the company uses next-generation lubricated timing belts that last longer than usual. 

What Is the Effect Of A Damaged Volkswagen Timing Belt On The Vehicle? 

A timing belt is an important part of your vehicle’s engine. Its function is to make the camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, injection pump, and valves move smoothly and in synchronization. And in case, if the belt breaks or gets damaged, you will face many strange problems like, troubling while shifting gears, facing high RPM issues, and sometimes, it can also lead to engine failure. You must be thinking about what can damage the timing belt, here we are illustrating some of the reasons that can damage the timing belt: 

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• Water pump failure

• Loosening of seals 

• Damage in the rubber 

• Overheating of the rollers and pulleys 

When Is the Time To Change The Volkswagen Timing Belt? 

As you own a car so, it is fully your responsibility to take it for proper maintenance without ignoring. And between repairing and changing, you should change your engine’s timing belt timely to avoid severe damage. Go through your Volkswagen car manual, and there you will find the right time to change the belt. However, it is not always like that, sometimes if you hear unusual noise from your engine, this can also be an indication to change your timing belt. In most cases, people change it when they have traveled more than 60,000 miles. 

How It Is Replaced? 

When it comes to replacing the Volkswagen timing belt, then you must only choose a registered and authorized Volkswagen timing belt repair service provider. The service experts lock the motor during the disassembly of the parts. It helps to place all the elements in the right position after changing the belt. Experienced mechanics ensure proper functioning. 

Is It Costly? 

If you chose to change the timing belt of your vehicle timely, then it won’t cost you more. But if you change it after breaking, then it will be costly, as it has already affected the engine. And even in some cases, you need to install a new engine. 

So, it is necessary to keep a proper check on your car’s engine and make it a routine to take it for maintenance every six to eight months to increase the longevity of your car. Read your Volkswagen car manual to know more about your vehicle’s engine and ensure that the engine is working properly, and the vehicle runs seamlessly. 

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