How to stand out in graduate entry medicine UK?

Medicine job interview
Medicine job interview

These days, thousands of medical graduates apply to pursue medical studies. However, not all applicants can stand out and achieve like the toppers. As an applicant, you must know the minimum entrance requirements that universities ask to override your competition. Since applying for medicine study is incredibly competitive, you must know the things you can do right to be ahead.

As depicted earlier, many graduate applicants apply for graduate entry medicine. Though, they cannot choose the desired medical school because of the incomplete knowledge they have. EGM courses have different requirements. Overall, you have to encounter and conquer plenty of challenges to standout in Graduate entry medicine .

As a novice, you always depend on the sources you have to prepare yourself for EGM courses. Still, it is crucial to identify and understand all the vital aspects that aid you to leave everyone behind in this race. Here are some critical tips that can help you to stand out in graduate entry medicine UK:

Mention undergraduate conferences you’ve attended 

The first and foremost thing you have to mention it while applying for a medical school is the undergraduate conferences you have attended. You can mention any research you have completed in the form of posters or oral presentations. When you mention such vital things during the application time, they can make tutors think about preferring you instead of others.

Mention your achievements and prizes 

On the other hand, it becomes imperative to mention the achievements and prizes you have got during your undergraduate program. Whether you have achieved the highest marks in any exam or you have won several awards for other activities, you can include all such things while applying for the graduate entry medicine. These achievements and prizes can speak on your behalf a little more, so these little things should not be avoided.

Work experience 

The most crucial thing you have to consider while looking to stand out in graduate entry medicine is telling your work experience. The work experience is probably the thing that other medical applications cannot obtain just like you. If you want to acquire some appealing opportunities, it is better to call any of your contacts you have got during your undergraduate program.

The work experience you have while working with healthcare experts or other professionals should be told to stand out from the crowd. It is indispensable to describe the clinical practices you have already gone through in your Medicine personal statement .

Pen down a compelling personal statement 

Though you want to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to pen down a compelling personal statement. The personal statement you right must include your work experience, extracurricular activities, your future goals, study and reading, and volunteering.

Crack the admission test with better scores 

Last but not least, you should crack the admission tests conducted by medical schools with better scores. Scoring highly on such tests will be a great way to assist you in standing out from the competition. Make sure you will do some prior research regarding the exams universities conduct to accept new applicants.


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