“Have you ever Wondered Why is it that only 20% of the people who get into the network marketing business SUCCEED…. while the remaining 80% DON’T!” Well..we will share the bitter Truths that will reveal to you EXACTLY Why people fail in network marketing:

Here we shall discuss the top reasons why people fail to be a successful network marketer and discuss how to overcome them.

1. Not Taking The Network Marketing Business Seriously

Many people take this business opportunity as a short term business. Its not good. If people just consider or treat this MLM business opportunity as serious as their job. Then the success is sure

2. False Expectations

Some people sincerely feel that this is a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’. Not so.

True leverage in this industry starts as you nurture your network marketing business gradually. The business starts by being ‘Underpaid’ for a while. Hang on there for a while and you’ll only be ‘Overpaid’.

 If you are a sponsor and you put forth fake claims of income to the newly recruits, they will believe themselves as a failure once they don’t achieve those expectations that they have been supplied.

You can inform them the exact scenario and what they can anticipate from the network marketing business and prepare them for taking forth their own business. Starting the MLM journey with the best goals and expectations is very significant for success of a new marketer and encourages them to stay motivated during their career.

3. Lack Of Confidence/Belief 

We need faith in 3 Essential things to success. Those are 

  1. The Products, 
  2. The Company 
  3. Ourselves

To strengthen our belief in the Products: We need to use the products and also get feedback from satisfied users. To strengthen our belief in the Company: We need to read achievement stories and communicate with successful leaders. To enhance our belief in Ourselves: Only 2 things required are – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and practising ACTION everyday. Always read Inspiring MLM Success stories of network marketing professionals to stay motivated 

4. Lack Of Prospects/Leads

The more you can explain.. the more you will grow, both personally and financially. A combination of Network Marketing & Internet Marketing techniques will assist you have unlimited leads. 

5. Not following up after recruiting people

This is the most critical aspect of being a successful network marketer. You need to follow up with people who have shown their interest in the business and are anticipated to join it. Now, having said that, you should not keep on asking friends and family who have denied to join the business. They will begin avoiding the calls and you will feel alienated. 

Many network marketers have dropped on many great business opportunities because they did not follow up on true prospects. Many miss chances to grow their business by not following up on true prospects.

Choose a proper time and call the prospect. Chances are that they will not sign up in the first place. You have to continuously follow up and catch the business. If they are least responsive, let it go they will come around once they see how prosperous you have become.

6. Wrong Choice of MLM Software

The right Network Marketing Software or MLM Software​ is essential to MLM business and you should be very concerned on choosing the perfect software for your MLM business. It should be reasonably priced, have all the fundamental features and must be easy to use.

What is even more depressing is that many will quit this business opportunity within 90 days of getting even started without comprehending the opportunities they will get in Network Marketing. One can definitely vouch for network marketing as a fabulous career option. Be Careful not to make the mistakes stated here and you are good to go!

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