How a Mobile-First Automated Strategy Can Transform Your Recruitment

The most immediate challenge faced by the human resource department is employee retention, apart from the usual hiring difficulties. It is said to be most daunting for an organization to retain experienced employees and grow through the organization’s ladder. Every company should reform its outdated strategies and opt for more reliable and mobile-first automated approaches to cope with this recruitment challenge

Mobile Automation for Recruitment

There are estimated findings that suggest that most of the job-seeking millennials are connected through active internet-connected in their smartphones. Therefore mobile automation is an excellent choice for brands for engaging a talented pool of candidates. It is required by the organizations to incorporate innovative ideas to satisfy the modern needs of on-the-go job seekers. 

Mobile-first automation strategies will help job applicants as they will have the convenience of searching and selecting information about job search and vacancy in their mobile devices. The job advertisements are quickly examined and responded through mobile applications as compared to websites. The recruiter can also connect readily through calls and instant messaging apps with the candidates to collect relevant information and source candidates for the interview process. 

Benefits of Mobile Recruitment Strategies

There are several benefits of mobile recruitment strategies, which can be implemented to maximize the recruiter’s efforts and employer in attracting a talented pool of candidature for the hiring process. There are several advantages faced by a company when navigating through the landscapes of mobile-first automation:

  • The organization’s career site should be available for a mobile version to be opened through the internet browser available on smartphones. Furthermore, mobile applications for the career portal will be a more lenient option for credibility and authenticity. The mobile version and quick launch web app feature should represent the original website. 
  • The mobile apps should have extensive navigation features along with AI-driven technology such as chatbots to help the candidates in fulfilling their applications. The application contains sharp and crisp visuals and content that is simpler to understand and respond to the vacancy.  
  • The job application process should be short and straightforward from the beginning till the end of all the websites and mobile applications. Some of the tools help companies create a quick application feature or one-click application for a particular job vacancy. There should be a concise job application, followed by a field to upload the resume and a one-click feature to submit the application process. 
  • Virtual assistance and automated messengers are helpful as when the website accepts a candidature, they reply automatically regarding the application status followed by a link for the follow-up process. Several interviewers make sure that the first round of the interview process should be conducted online immediately after the job application is submitted. In that case, applicants will receive an automated mail with the link to proceed with the online test. 
  • Text messages shared in the form of instant messaging apps are an efficient way to communicate with the candidates, and it instantly boosts the mobile recruitment strategy of employment. Candidates are more inclined towards quick and straightforward job application procedures. 

When a confirmation message is received in the form of text, make sure that the candidate remembers the further dates for processing. Interviewers can share updates about their application, schedule interviews, and keep up with the candidates throughout the various recruitment cycles. 

  • Brands can hire expert agencies for incorporating mobile recruiting and automation experts to come up with innovative plans for strengthening their social visibility through mobile apps. They help assist recruiters in achieving their organization’s goals by hiring deserving employees. 

A well-established social engagement plan is developed by the experts and optimizes the mobile version of the career site to enhance the company’s mobile-first automation strategies. 

Guidelines for Mobile-first Automation Strategies

The advertisements made over third-party career sites are not cost-effective and do not attract the attention of authentic job seekers. They are ready to join on an immediate basis. The strategies constructed for mobile-first automation should be directed towards a robust online presence centered around mobile versions, that are convenient for the millennials to search and apply for different vacancies. Companies should ensure that their career page will be visible similar to both mobile and web versions. There should not be a requirement to switch the devices for completing a job application. 

The extra step that creates havoc for changing the devices stubborn the candidate’s journey for seeking a job. The persistent and relevant mobile recruitment strategies will attract millennials, x-gens, and baby boomers into a particular organization’s career page. 


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