Product photographs are considered to be very much important aspect because these are the only things that interact with the consumers of the listed brands on Amazon. The product photos are a complete replacement of feeling and touching the product and even the platforms like Amazon allow the opportunity to the people to view the product from different angles before buying it. This is the main reason behind the success and importance of Amazon product photography service provided by several companies. The photos will help in conveying the quality and values of the brand and will also help the brand owner to capture the shopper’s attention and create his or her interest that will help in turning the shopper into the newest consumer of the brand.

 Following are some of the tips that will help in improving the product photography on the Amazon and growing the sales of the concern:

 -Photographs are considered to be the majority of the experience of a product when an individual is shopping online. So, having high-quality photos will help in making a great difference in consumer perception and will ultimately help in converting it into the customer. When the shopper enters the store they will pick up any product and see it thoroughly. But on the other hand, when the shopping is being done online then photos are the only thing that will interact with the buyer.

 On average, only 20% of the people focus on the words written on the web page and more than 80% of the people focus on photographs. According to a study, more than 65% of people have confessed that product images are always more important to them in comparison to the product descriptions and the rate according to images only.

 – One should go with how many photos? The main goal of product related images is to increase the conversion based rate on the Amazon and this can be best achieved when there will be a complete portfolio of photographs of the product so that all the consumer’s questions can be answered very easily. An individual is allowed to upload and post up to 8 images and this is a great and ideal as well as best number that will help the company to convey the adequate amount of information which they want to convey to the shoppers. The main product related image should be limited and it should be on a pure white background. Another thing to be taken care of is that the photograph should be mobile friendly because a lot of consumers go with the option of watching products on mobile phones.

 -One should go with which type of photography? There are several kinds of photographs from which one can choose depending upon the features and material of the product. The main listing type of photo is mandatory because it will help in creating the image in the minds of consumers and will help to communicate about the entire benefits of the product. One should go with that particular image that helps in displaying the key features of the product and is very much info-graphic. An image which very well displays the size of the product should also be uploaded. Another great way to grab attention is to upload that particular image in which the product is shown in usage. One should also upload the photo of the entire packaging into more details. Going with close up shots is also a good idea and one should go with the option of displaying all the related information about the product to grab the attention of consumers.

 -Using the main Amazon based product photo: This is considered to be the most important photo and it should be very sleek as well as a single image of the products that too on a clean as well as a white background. This will be the main image which the consumers will see and they will search for a particular product. This image should be paid proper attention because it will help in bringing more clicks as well as convergence that will ultimately bring higher sales to the organization. This will be the only image that will help in making the brand much recognizable to the consumers and this image should be mobile based optimized to increase the conversion rate.

 -Using the features of a product: One should also go with the option of using text for clear identification of all the consumer’s products. These kinds of images can also be used for the concerns. It should be info-graphic and should use icons as well as typography to communicate the most important information about the product.

 – The best way of showing the size of the product: The best way to show the dimensions of the product is to upload the picture of a person holding that particular product. This perspective will help in giving a comfortable feeling to the shopper and will meet their expectations. One can also go with the option of adding the photograph of dimensions superimposed on the photo so that one can give clarity of dimensions of the product. It is very much crucial to mention the scale as well because a lot of shoppers will never take out the ruler to measure the dimensions in real life.

 –Thinking about the shots of the product: One must always be sure that the product images to interact with the people in the most positive way. So, the best way is to show the entire nook and corners of the product will help in making a personal connection with the product from the shopper’s end. One should also go with the option of using images where all of the issues are solved by the product so that consumers can connect it very well with their lifestyle. One should create a story that will be told through images. So, the product should be sleek and the image should be perfect. The product must take more than 80% of the image area and the image should not be blurry or cropped.

 So, to have success in the field of product photography for Amazon India one must follow the above-mentioned tips so that more and more consumers are attracted and attached towards the product of the company.

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