Your search for Turbotax alternatives would come to an end with this informative guide. Here we bring you the best tax software you can find online. So, read through it and choose tax software suitable for you.

There is no introduction needed for tax software these days. We have witnessed the first kinds of tax software from 1980s. It all started with TurboTax that was first launched in the 1980s and has evolved since then. Turbotax was one of the first tax software available for the mass. Besides, it also delivered most of its packages for free at that time. This was nothing short of a dream for the general mass. This is because filing taxes was quite hard back at that time and most often people avoid the lengthy and tough procedure of filing their taxes. This is why most of the companies and entrepreneurs of that time started to go with TurboTax because it began to make the tedious process easier than ever.

How did people start to opt for Turbotax alternatives?

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Turbotax was one of the best software of its time. However, with the changing age and the advancing software, a collection of software was gradually developed to solve the tax-related issues altogether. Moreover, this software was built keeping in mind the loopholes of Turbotax. 

Therefore, people now mostly look at other alternatives and rather not stick on Turbotax. The price was an added shock to all the users of the software. This is because with the recent version of Turbotax you would be getting one tier and soon after that you would discover that you need an expensive pricing tier when you are in the middle of your taxes. Sometimes, it also happens in the end, which is even worse.

Therefore, you are looking to opt for anything other than Turbotax to solve your problems associated with the filing of your taxes, and then you are in the right place. This is because we are here to discuss what the alternatives are to Turbotax. So, here we go.

There is numerous tax software that rivals and in fact, outmatches TurboTax in numerous aspects. But here we will look into 3 best tax software you can use, which are similar to TurboTax.

H&R Block 

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If you are worried about audit support guidance, then don’t be because H&R Block also offers quality audit support guidance that you might have expected from Turbotax. In fact, H&R Block provides all the other features and facilities that you will get with Turbotax. Besides, it also offers live tax support from trained tax professionals and along with it a free version perfect for easy filers.

Also, H&R Block’s free version is more advanced than that of the former. This is mainly because here you can file a 1040 and Schedules 1-6. And what’s most important is that the pricing of both the software are almost alike. However, pricing and customer support are clearly the strong points of H&R Block.

Tax Slayer

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TaxSlayer scores right away in this comparison. This is primarily because it offers several tiers of software. It also keeps in mind the consumers and all the different tax situations that they might be in. The Classic and Premium versions of the software are especially for the filers who might be having more complicated tax issues than a regular person who files only 1040. Moreover, their self-employed software also offers additional features for people who need help in deducing what they can and cannot deduct and other tax issues that are typical to the small business owners.

Tax Act

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If you look at TurboTax and TaxAct side by side, it’s easy to discover why people would rather choose TaxAct. One of the primary reasons for their choice is the less cost involved in the latter. Yes, even for their topmost products TaxAct charges quite less when compared to Turbotax Alternative. Besides, TaxAct boasts of a 100k Accuracy Guarantee meaning that they will cover the difference if it is a higher tax liability.

In the End

Tax software are many but you need to be careful of what you choose. Thus, it is always advisable to know about a software before using it!

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