How to Get Easy Solution for AOL Mail Not Working:

AOL is a free mail service owned by AOL inc, which is a division of Verizon communication. The AOL mail services are the best and secure to use. 

We Have Some  Useful AOL Email Features:

  • You can attach the file up to 25 MB.
  • It supports a lot of protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. 
  • You can link your email account to other services such as Gmail and Hotmail. 
  • AOL is Ads free, so you can use this service without any trouble. 
  • 100% safe against the virus
  • Don’t worry about an error in spelling checking because it provides you with a spell-checking feature. 

Here, one thing that you should note that your account will be disconnected if  you haven’t use it for more than 90 days. The AOL mail account will be deleted if it is not used for more than 180 days.

Sometimes, you can face some issues during the operation of the AOL account such as your “AOL mail is not working”. This error is the main problem in this service. You can’t send most of the emails to some users due to this error.  You shouldn’t worry about this issue you just need to follow these instructions to fix this problem.

  • Solution 1:- 
  • By using airplane mode:- 

If you are facing the issue due to the AOL mail service, then you can fix this issue by turn on or off the airplane mode. As you know that AOL mail services worked on the internet so it’s obvious that you can face this issue due to improper functioning of internet connection. You just need to follow these guidelines that we mentioned below:-

  • First of all, you have to turn on or off the airplane mode in your device. 
  • Your Wi-Fi must be working. 
  • An active data pack cal also helps you to fix this problem. 
  • Solution2:- 
  • By resetting the network settings:- 

If you are unable to receive AOL mail on your iPhone then make sure that your network setting is up to date. Try to follow these following instructions mentioned below to reset the network settings:-

  • Open the configuration option from the setting and click on General. 
  • You will view a reset option for resetting the network settings in your device. You can reset your password and wireless settings, APN, and VPN and settings. 
  • For Android device:- 

If you are facing this error in your android device then should try these steps to troubleshoot this issue. The most important and first step that you should try to solve the issue is that you should reset your password or install any browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for sign in. 

  • Update your device:-.

You can experience the best performance of AOL mail in an updated version of your android device. If the AOL account is not properly functioning in your device then open the settings of your android device. 

  • Turn on the data from your device and open the setting for about phone options. 
  • Now, click on software information for some specific instructions to your device. 
  • Click on the software update option. 
  • Wait for some moment, your software will be updated soon. 
  • Restart your device:- 

Force stop is one effective way to solve this issue when AOL isn’t working on your device.  

  • If your AOL mail account is not working in your android device, then open the setting options. 
  • Now, you should tap on the app option to search for the AOL app.
  • When you will find the AOL app then tap on it to open the app. 
  • You will saw a force stop option at the upper side of your screen for stopping the app. 
  • Click on the app again to confirm the force stop app. 
  • Reinstall the app:- 

You can solve a lot of issues if you are facing some trouble to open the AOL mail account in your device. You can reinstall the app in your device to fix the error. 

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If the AOL mail account isn’t properly working in your device then open the setting app to search the AOL app. 

Now open the AOL mail app in your Android device. 

You can uninstall the app simply and reinstall this from your Google play store. 

  • For your MacBook Pro:- 

Most of the issues of the AOL mail account for Macbook pro are related to sending and receiving of the messages. Follow our guidelines to solve these issues:-

  • If you are facing troubleshooting for receiving the email:-

Open the AOL account and tap on the information tab to ensure that you entered your mail account properly.  If you haven’t put the right name in your email then you can change it by editing from the account settings. 

You can also provide a brief description. 

  • If you are facing troubleshooting during sending the emails from your Macbook Pro:- 

Perhaps, incorrect configured STMP may be the reason for this error. Check these basic guidelines to resolve the issue:-

Click on the Account tab from the AOL mail app. Find for the server settings, you will find outgoing AOL menu for sending the emails. 

You have to change the server and make sure that all connections are accurate. 


There is no competitor of AOL mail on the internet. It is the best and most secure app to send a lot of emails to users throughout the world. No one can deny that you can use this app without any issue but sometimes you can face some minor issues that you can fix easily. In our article, we give you many steps to solve the issue of the AOL mail account if your account isn’t working. If you are not able to fix the issue then you can contact our technical support team. Our team is available for 24×7 for your help. You are most welcomed to contact us to enquire about any problems related to the AOL mail account.

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