The designs of t-shirts are quite easy to prepare. But, when it comes to creativity, uniqueness, and eye-catching design, then you have to think in a different way. Putting your designs on a t-shirt involves great fun and excitement as well. 

There are various that you need to consider while printing on your t-shirts. The process of t-shirt printing is quite daunting but involves fun and excitement. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips for designing attractive t-shirt:

1. Understand The Concept

It is recommended that you should understand the concept deeply before you start the designing process. Once you have the deep knowledge and information about the concept then you can easily come up with great ideas. 

Start putting your ideas on paper and create rough designs. Look out for different ideas and start working again to make your design more attractive. You should explore various creative options so that you can easily get the right one.

2. Imagine Your Design On The T-shirt

It is quite possible that your design may look perfect on your paper, but it does not go perfectly on your t-shirt. Therefore, you should imagine your design on the t-shirt before moving forward to the next stage. You should do a mock-up of design on the photo of any model.

3. Start Working On Details  

You may think that the details of the design are not important. But, you are wrong! It is very important to pay attention to the details of your design. There could be nothing better than a design that is created with full attention. 

It may require a few hours, but the end result will be worth paying for. Sometimes, the simple and properly prepare a design for t-shirts can create the buzz. The custom all over print shirts is also in trend. If you want to design the custom all over print shirts, then working on details is imperative.

4. Consider The Latest Trend

You should find out what kind of designs are in vogue. It is one of the most important things to consider. Before start looking for the trend, you should consider whether you are designing for a male or female shirt.  Make sure that the end results are desirable. If you are not good at designing, then you should take help of the good designers.

5. Add Subtle Humour

Humorous t-shirts are eye-catching, but there is a small line between humorous content and low-cost joke. If you want to add humor to your t-shirt, then you should wisely choose the right line to print on your shirt. The subtle humor can bring a loud laugh.

6. Colors Of Design

The colors of design should be selected on the basis of your t-shirt colors and requirements of your design. You should choose the color of the t-shirt and then choose the colors for your design. But, keep in mind that with the increase in the number of colors, the cost of printing will also increase. Therefore, you should choose limited colors according to the budgetary constraints.

7. Choose The Right Printing Method

There are different printing techniques available to convert your design into prints on your shirt. If you have a simple design with limited colors, then screen printing can be a good option. 

On the other hand, if the design is complicated and you have to print various colors, then the digital printing technique is good for you. Nowadays, the custom sublimation shirts are in huge trend.

8. Search Good Printer  

Once your design is finished, you have selected the right colors and optimum printing techniques then you should start looking for the best printing service provider. The real value of design will be evaluated when it is properly printed on the t-shirt. 

Also, it is recommended to give a phone call to the local printing service providers and ask a few questions from them. You should gauge their ability to print your design on a t-shirt. If the printing service provider is experienced and showing interest in your needs and demands, then you must hire him/her. 

Do not forget to ask the charges for the printing services. But, before making any decision, you should visit their place and have a face to face meeting.  Ask the printing service provider to show the previous work because it will give you an idea about the quality of their services.

9. Collect Information  

You should collect detailed information about t-shirt printing and determine the best one. You should study this concept thoroughly get and collect this information. The t-shirt printing is an art, but if you want to obtain the best results then you must have the proper knowledge.

Final Words

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you to print the good design on your t-shirt. You should consider all these tips and prepare the design for your t-shirt like a pro.

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