Spring is all about enjoying the fresh air and gentle sunshine. Enjoying this kind of weather in your own home is a luxury of its own. However, it is only possible if you have a well maintained outdoor area with contemporary garden furniture and accessories to accompany you while enjoying your outdoor living space. It should be noted that your outdoor living space should be decorated with the same consideration as your living room. The era of purely functional outdoor furniture is behind us. Now, it’s all about equipping your outdoor setting with comfortable seating, an ambient set of furniture and accessories, side tables, and comfy pillows or cushions. 

We’ve put together five useful ways you can easily transform your outdoor living area and turn it into a luxury oasis:

Look to your surroundings:

Taking colour cues from surroundings is necessary to bring the right kind of ambience whether you are decorating indoors or outdoors. As for outdoors, the colour of flowers that start blooming, multiple shades of green spread around your backyard, and so much more can help you in finding a suitable palette for your garden furniture. There will be multiple other colours in your garden because of plants and flowers, all you need to do is incorporate the dominant tone into the colour palette of your garden furniture and accessories. Just keep an eye out for the colours that are present naturally around you and build your outdoor design on the basis of these colours, you will get an amazing outdoor design as a result. 

Define Your Setting:

As discussed earlier, you should design your outdoors just like the living room in your home. Just like the way you would define spaces and settings in an open plan living space you should define your outdoor seating and setting spaces. If you fail to do so, your garden furniture will look as if it is lost or just plonked in your backyard without purpose. You can do this by making use of an area in your yard that already looks different or separated from the rest of the space. This could be from a landscaping arrangement or it being closer to your house or under a pergola. The other and rather easy option to define your outdoor seating is making use of an elegant outdoor rug with the capability of creating a flow between all the objects incorporated in your outdoor seating and bringing them together. 

Incorporate Plants:

If you are decorating your outdoor seating you want to ensure it is cohesive with nature. Outdoor areas are obviously linked with plants and greenery, therefore, the best way to accessorise your outdoor setting is by equipping it with the plants. Other accessories should always be incorporated however plants should be the hero. Instead of cluttering your outdoor seating with lots of accessories, place container gardens, small pots, and even trees in large planters. These items will look amazing and effectively decorative in your outdoor living space. 

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