The first computer called Z1, which was the first programmable arithmetic unit to work with binary numbers, was developed in 1937 by a German named Conrad Zeus. Since then, technology has made a huge quantum leap. The leap was so huge that today a small coin-sized computer is much more powerful than the first Z1 computer, with the Z1 computer even being the size of a double bed. This enormous development would never have been possible without programming: Because today, nothing works without codes.

This development opened up a new dimension for us, a world full of devices that more and more people are connecting to the Internet. More and more people access online shops, social media platforms, search engines and perform interactions, watch videos, order products or post pictures of themselves every day via most devices. In the meantime, Internet users have doubled since 2010 (from 2 to 4 billion). As people spend their time online, companies are constantly evolving and optimizing their web and software applications.

Companies are constantly trying to create new products and bring them onto the market, be they web and software applications or other services. Everyone tries to market their product successfully, but often these companies do not have the technical implementation skills. So you are looking for someone who can technically implement the requirements. These are usually software developers.

Software developers are responsible for the smooth running of software. They advise customers and find software solutions for users. As a rule, software developers are trained and qualified. But there are also people who simply have great talent and who already deliver positive results in the tech world without professional training. These have real potential. In the general tech world, devices are written in different programming languages.

The most popular programming languages ​​are as follows:




C # (Sharp)


These programming languages ​​are used differently. Python, for example, is particularly attractive because it can be used to program almost anything, meaning that it is suitable for almost every area, while PHP, for example. B. is mostly used only for web applications. All languages ​​have one thing in common: they are time-consuming. Some more, some less and just that can be really annoying, but luckily there are so-called frameworks and libraries.

In software development, a framework is not software, but a basic template for programming, which virtually only has to be supplemented with classes in order to achieve the desired goal. Classes can be found in libraries, which are “proposed” during programming and can then be implemented directly by the software developer. In this way you can work efficiently and in a time-saving manner.

The TOP frameworks of the most popular programming languages:

Jingo – python

Spring – Java

Angular – JavaScript

.NET Framework – C # (Sharp)

LA ravel – PHP

Due to the company growth in the tech sector in Europe, more and more software developers or people with special tech talents are being sought. Finding a job in this industry isn’t easy. Fortunately, we live in a modern age, because today the Internet offers us many opportunities to fulfill his wishes. So z. B. Software developers or other tech-talented people can find jobs on sites like this. Companies looking for software developers or particularly talented people are also in the right place here.

This article is written by Jack mark who is a marketer and consultant Folio3 Food Safety Software Company. He also writes for different tech media.


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