From snakes games or mini clip games, we have all grown up playing games. From childhood to adult life, we all have somehow practiced living in the gaming world. Being a potential gamer is not that easy as started from cute games now, we all are into a big war, fighting, and intense games.

During past years a player versus player, survival games has taken the world, including Call of Duty, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and many more. The storm of these games has wiped down the value of every other game. With the new passion and literal fun, these games have also given us so many things. What is better than kicking your friend’s ass in an online game? Nothing! These games give you an excellent chance for this.

Many people have got their career ideas from these games, while those who belong to other careers satisfy their passionate needs with gaming outfits. Such as armored dress from Call of Duty or Cyberpunk Jackets. Cyberpunk is the first game that is so much hyped before even getting released. Creators of this game were first acclaimed to release it before 2021, but now they have given date 20th November 2020.

Gamers around the world are waiting for this game impatiently. It’s still not confirmed that will it release on the pc version, or is it going to be released as both mobile and pc version. As Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Call of duty have released their Pc versions first later, mobile versions followed them.

These games are discussed explicitly as they belong to a similar genre. They all are free-to-play and player versus game. You have to kill every other person from opposing teams to survive. The one who slaughters everyone and stays until the end is the winner (Just like the real world).

With so many different yet thrilling modes, Player battle unknown ground is the most famous game nowadays. Around 600 million people have been playing this game globally from long, harsh, and brutal classic modes to small, quick, and sharp arcade modes. This game has it all.

It is the most intense game. Land in a safe place, collect ammunition, and start playing on the battlefield. Whether you are playing 100-players classic mode or 20-players sniper mode, you got to stay alert and kill each player professionally. The same goes for the call of duty, it also has different modes, and according to sources, it is tougher than Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

One intriguing thing about Player Unknown Battlegrounds is that you can customize your whole look into it, just like Fortnite. You can vary your look from head to toe. You can choose any costume, unlock male and female characters, and have distinct outfits for them. You can change their appearances and dress them just like yourself. It is the best thing!

Not just in gaming zones, playerunknown battleground also has a massive collection of unique yet sexy outfits to spice up your looks for any party. While the call of duty has ghost Simon outfit a perfect look for any Halloween party as it is spine-tingling and unique. From styles of street scum to edge runner fashionable clothes, Player Unknown Battlegrounds has everything. Getting these outfits are easy in the real world compared to the gaming world. 

In addition to its best features, the makers have made access to the outfits quite tricky. It means you gotta earn these outfits by completing missions or getting Royale pass. Thankfully we live in the real world where we at least have access to these outfits. Let’s talk about some specific outfits that you can carry to your daily lives other than theme parties. There are many outfits for you to flaunt in other parties too.

From the vibrant array of game clothing, choose something which also has the spirit of your persona. It has so many outfits like a golden majesty set (to make you a king). Player Unknown Battleground’s most petrifying yet desirable outfit is the Trench coat, petrifying yet alluring outfit. It is the Trench coat—the long and black coat which isn’t only looked-for in-game but also in real life too. 

You don’t need any fancy and big party to carry off this look, this coat is best for other parties too. Like cocktail parties and late-night parties are the best place to wear that long studded coat. Especially if you are peacocking in the bars, modify your get-up slightly as modifications usually enhance your aesthetics. Your peacocking will not go into waste.

To have a dapper look and show the world that you are the real gangsta! Go with the full set of the trench coat. Little belts on claves and hamstrings, plus the checkered face mask and hood, these accessories will lift your look, and you’ll enter the gaming underworld (JK). But you’ll certainly look like the real gamer. 

Having a discussion about famous jackets from games and forgetting about Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket would be such a shame! Cyberpunk has broken all the records as before releasing it has released a fascinating trailer. We all have spotted so many things in the trailer, the amazing background story, cool characters, and blasting outfits.

From flamboyant to the street styles, this game has taken the gaming outfits to the next level of excellence. As we all have witnessed a myriad of outfits. Such as body fitted shirts, urban clothing, ripped pieces of denim, and sassy villain clothing with big gold chains. Each attire is ubiquitous, but the main layer which caught our attention was the samurai jacket. This is the brown leather jacket with a 3D solid collar and a wolf print on the back. The shining LED lights on the collar make it more glittering.

You can also have that thug look in your parties by wearing this jacket. You might be thinking, someone is missed from here. Well, you are right. We still have one more debonair character, Tommy Vercetti. We are compelled to talk about Tommy’s outfits as from blazers to Bermuda shorts, Tommy rocked it all.

Tommy gave us all a real goon’s vibes in the entire game while just by wearing printed shirts with office pants and little accessories. Pull off his dope look only by wearing a front open blazer with Semi-formal shirt and same colored pants. Wear a fancy chained watch with it to make this look more like him. Go to your parties and ceremonies in the gamer style and let the world know that you are a real gamer. Stay in your true personality, while carrying these looks with you.


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