Hey FAM! October is almost here, and so is Halloween. It is all about carrying your favorite character’s look. Enter into the fictional world as the main purpose of Halloween is skipping reality. We all know that sometimes just taking the mind off from the real world is the most therapeutic thing one can do! That’s why most people love Halloween, as it helps you get away from your sorrows and pain for a little time, and you get time to relax your mind. 

 So enjoy a while in your fantasy world.  This year, Marvel fans are still heartbroken over the death of Ironman and the sudden retirement of captain’s America. Don’t lose hope now as they are eternal superheroes, and they’ll always have a special place.

However, if you are one of those lucky people who love marvel and dc equally. Then your sadness also has a spark of happiness. You can get dressed this year in dc inspired Halloween costumes. Such as Joker Purple Coat. It is not too loud and effort-taking costume of a joker, which is gonna brighten up your day this Halloween.

Neither imposing nor there is a rule if you want to go as anti-hero this year, go as one. You are going to be more than welcomed. Joker is a supervillain who was first debuted in Batman’s movies as an opposing character. He belongs to clown species and appears in the Dc universe. After being showed as a villain in Batman’s movie, joker’s first own movie released in 2019. This movie was the background story of this villain and how he got to be a villain.

You can carry this long purple coat with any outfit with female magician, messy hair, and spooky joker makeup. Trust me, your friends will be in awe. If you think that everyone is going to be joker this year due to its hype, then there are millions of characters here for you to replicate. From Superman to Harley Quinn, you have a variety of choices.

Without doing too much, just go with the Harley Quinn Leather Jacket. A bold and daring outfit to get you in character without taking the essence of your personality. Harley Quinn jacket is preferably different from other outfits as its on-of-a-kind without so much hippie and glitter. Just a little touch of her makeup, and you’re the sassy and courageous Harley Quinn.

It’s hard to come up with a new costume every year. That’s become tougher when you don’t want to spend every single penny on get-ups. Parties and cosplays will be filled with superheroes and fancily customized people. This year be a different kind of creepy and go with minimal stylings. Be something from your favorite movies as no one is asking you to turn your back on marvel or dc.

Don’t start overthinking this fact as that’s what I am here for. Stay till the end, and you’ll have plenty of costumes from your wardrobe without costing you a fortune. Pull out your wide-leg pants, blazers, and gloves to turn yourself into the “Gossip” star, Olivia Pope. Add pointed-toe pumps, a glass of red wine, and a popcorn bowl will embellish your look keenly.

These characters do not necessarily have to be from movies, you can be someone from your favorite books. Specifically, if you are into reading, that means if your hobby is reading, then this year rock every party going as the best character from your favorite book. Start with the one who has access to all books. Yes, Librarian! Go as a normal and sane librarian. Or make it spookier and go as a zombie librarian. Just a little tattering of dress and fake blood will turn you into a zombie from the human. Or be Viola Swamp from “Miss L Is Missing.” 

Don’t want to be scary? No worries go as cute little mice from “If you give a mouse a cookie” or be a Waldo from “where’s Waldo now?” If your whole group is so into books, you can sync your outfits as be the characters from “Alice in the wonderland.” Or be a duplicate of “Charlie and the chocolate factory.”  Or be “the little red riding hood,” just make sure to keep an eye open for the wolf, and you are all set to go. 

The characters from books might take you into nostalgic feelings as many of them belong to your childhood. If we have already entered the early young days, how can we forget about cartoons? Buy a pret-a-porter maxi in powder blue color and be Elsa from Frozen.

Be a Nemo if you’re always in trouble or go as dory if those troubles don’t affect your jolly and carefree nature. Connect with your whole gang and be the beautiful and mesmerizing Disney princess in your PJ’s, a comfy and unique outfit. Slay that floor ladies and be hot and sexy and leave everyone awestruck and show up in the costumes of “The Muses from Hercules.” 

Give a cute and romantic vibe with your partner and go as George and Meg from Paperman. Be Dora and Diego, as nothing is better than being partners and best friends altogether. Keep it more simple and sassy and be the two alien controlling detectives from “Men in Black.”

You must be thinking there’s no need to rave about cartoon characters as you all have been carrying them for years, but if you look through your past years, you’ll realize that it has been many years since you have recreated a look from your favorite cartoons or anime movies.

 You must be convinced of these intriguing ideas. So choose anyone from this, or you have already got the idea, so go with your favorite book. Similarly, you also got the concept of dressing from your favorite movie series and all without emptying your whole wallet. Halloween comes for a little while enjoy it while it lasts. 




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