The big names in our media are our main source of inspiration most of the time. But what happens when the pointer shifts from the real-life heroes to comic-inspired or animated ones? The result is right in front of you in the shape of mass media, diverting their attention to the Japanese animations and comics’ heroes. 

From Women Akira Jackets to the latest FF7 Remake ones, video games and animations have contributed a lot to the cosplay game. With the approaching night of the costumes and the possibility of bigger and better comic cons on the horizon, you have little time to make your costume haul. Dive headfirst into this trend to best prepare for the upcoming events! 

Here is all you need to know about creative and fun costumes from the beginning when these mediums had only emerged. The experience of exhibiting the same vibes as your most beloved character is matchless. You can be yourself throughout the year, but when it comes to portraying someone else, you do not want to compromise on the costume’s authenticity! 

Latest in the game!

When the discussion is about impersonating characters outside the mundane world, video games are winning the race by offering an exceptional variety. From their savage worlds where the armor of the character has most of the attention, they have done a splendid job of putting up some fantastic apparel! 

Apex Legends dynamic top-layers caught the eye of the audiences earlier last year when Battle Royale came up with a tremendous miniature free-to-play game. Once you indulge in video games for more than the action they usually offer, you can unlock the treasure of style they have lying out front. 

Another game was released a couple of years ago, Batman: Arkham Knights did well in terms of ratings. Inspired from one of the best superheroes, this game is also about the infamous crime city, Gotham. With the brooding looks and menacing touches, the attires of the characters made us all swoon in no time. 

The latest in the lot, Final Fantasy VII Remake also has outstanding variety and jaw-dropping styles in store for the video game maniacs. Whether you are in to get some casual inspiration or create an exact replica of the costume, both of these needs can easily be satiated from the classic video game’s remake. Right from the time when only the remake rumors were surfacing, it was common knowledge that the game would be a prominent name in the cosplay world! 

Make way for the female superheroes! 

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are a couple of names making their way around the animated world’s highly male-dominated side. In the last few years, the names of female superheroes have gained fame and numbers in both Marvel and DC comics more evidently. 

At first, no one really paid attention to the gender disparity in the comic worlds. But as time passed, people (mostly women) realized they were being deprived of the iconic characters only present in the print media. To enjoy the same creativity in their cosplays and get the representation the female superheroes rightfully deserve, female sides worked hard. 

In a nutshell, now that there are names like Storm, Batgirl, and Black Widow on the horizon, the comics’ future looks brighter than ever. 

Captain Marvel’s red and blue costume is a delight for both fashion lovers and costume enthusiasts. It captures the confidence and stance of the superhuman perfectly. Apart from this piece, there are much other apparel that can be utilized in streetwear. Real-life superhero movies are brimming with the exciting range of cropped, snug, and fit jackets. 

Justice League or Avengers? 

The debate between the two superhero groups is not going to end anytime soon. The only way you can wrap your head around the fact that they both exist and both have unnatural powers is to appreciate what they all can do. Whether it is Batman, Superman, Aquaman or Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, the fandoms are crazy for all! 

You can place your bets on any character from the two high powered groups and lose it because no one can ever choose one and leave the other. There are too many perks and characteristics in both the team to ignore one completely.  

From Superman and Captain America’s enigmatic outfits to Wonder Woman and Black Widows sharp get-ups, the variety you find in this crowd is truly mind-blowing. Almost half-decade has passed since these teams made a big name for themselves and won every front! 

From there on, the spiral has only been upwards, and the progress they have made is outstanding. To exhibit these characters in a comic con would mean attracting the majority of the audience to yourself!

Pioneers of Anime!

A little more than three decades ago, Katsuhiro Otomo’s brainchild in the form of the manga was doing better than any other series. At that time, he had no idea that mind-blowing adaptation would pave the way for a completely new entertainment medium. The Akira Jackets that we have been dying to get our hands on, only found fame once he released his classic. 

Since then, the Neo-Tokyo he imagined for this generation and the attire Kaneda wore, all have become a part of the real life. Otomo’s creation made Anime available for the whole world. Before that, only manga existed. Japan’s most loved medium of entertainment, Anime are known as Japanimation for the same reason! 

Whether you choose a classic or a modern cosplay inspiration, it all comes down to authenticity. If your attire differs from the original one, the charm fades away automatically. Make sure that, along with the authenticity, you capture the essence of the character in the truest means! 

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