What TV size is best for gaming and Office CPU


You should definitely think of one of the best TV games for your home when in search of a new and good screen in any form or use.Modern TVs now mainly have standard game modes and settings, but of course they are also good at providing games to us because they are very well optimized for games.

The best gaming televisions generally tend to create the best TV menus because they share their skills with games, movies, entertainment and everything in between. It’s also important to note that buying a new TV in the form of a good one gaming TV is very big and very ssexciting.

With restrictions in the beginning, the standard 4K TVs usually mean we are spoiled for choice – it’s hard to find a bad gaming device. In addition, each of the major manufacturers releases additional models or updated models regularly to complete their selection and mark each new year with an update. However, this does not mean that it is included automatically in this guide. However, if you want the following models to look, you should see the links and find the latest and greatest in this iteration.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best gaming TV for you. First of all, there is a possibility that the TV will not be used only for games. You need to ensure that it is the right size for your home in terms of size, ease of use and effectiveness for movies. TV and daily use. For example, but not limited. Plus, it’s not just a choice of the most expensive or the brightest: With the choice of the highest quality 4K TVs available now, you can now get a good gaming TV for much less. As expected, the ladder is real and can reach a ridiculous level with premium panels. These cost several thousand dollars of hard-earned money. Some of them are not worth it. However, the best models provide a gaming board that takes your good experience by providing visuals. Additional details and dynamics that the cheapest models cannot come close to.

VIZIO P659-G1 P-Series




Vizios P659-G1 Quantum (read our review) is the best value you can get from 4K TV right now. At a reasonable listing price of $ 1200, you get a large 65-inch screen with 200 local dimming areas and a maximum brightness of 1,100 nits, so that this panel can display sunlight. Burning next to complete darkness without disturbing the flowering effects.


4K TV also has a built-in Google Chromecast and supports AirPlay 2, so it can be seamlessly connected to your Android phone or Apple devices. The only thing this TV doesn’t give you is a built-in audio command, but it works well with any smart speaker supported by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa that you might have connected.

TCL 55″ Class 6-Series



The latest models from TCL 4K TVs are great for games, and TCL 55R625 also happens to cheap new 4K TVs, and there is even a quantum dot technology.If you have not heard of the quantum point, you only know that the point is embedded in the screen to produce a brighter and more accurate color.It’s also a Roku-compatible package, which means it comes pre-installed with the most popular streaming apps (like HBO Now and Netflix) in a quick and streamlined user interface.it is the best suggestion for the people who said that What TV size is best for gaming.


The resulting picture quality of this 55-inch 4K TV provides excellent HDR image with deep blacks. It also has a low latency game mode that is extremely important for you to not get any strange lag while playing on this screen. Best of all, it’s hundreds of dollars less than other similar groups. TCL 55R625 is undoubtedly  a good one for 4K gaming TVs.



If you have good money for a 4K TV then this is for you. OLED displays are great for gaming because they provide unparalleled black levels and thin panels that produce crystal-clear images. You can find the most detailed images on each TV. LG E9 series is the best OLED display. The LG Panel gives you a powerful refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is great for gaming, but it makes up for it with many features that allow you to make the movement on the TV more smoothly. Featuring a great design and enough HDMI to accommodate a wide range of devices, LG TVs now use G-Sync, which is best for PC players looking for a giant screen. When you combine this with the built-in game mode, you’ll get exceptional and smooth gaming images from a TV set.


However, there are some limitations to keep in mind: the sound of such an expensive device is relatively weak, so you’ll need to pair it with setting the speaker on the gaming headset. Quality. While screen burning is an issue with OLED panels, you should only worry about this if you display still images on the screen several hours a day and several days a week. LG user interface is not as simple and fast as Samsung TVs. But now we are really clicking.

Samsung Q70R


Samsung Q70 TV is a great choice for mid-range QLED TV. It’s a beautiful package with a clear design that can easily be the center of any room.


Q70 offers the same features as QLED,  new Q90, and features the same bezel-free screen with decent HDR and a beautiful and rich color collection at the right time to see how all colors appear in your favorite Disney Plus shows. Q70 works with 4K to 120Hz, activates HDR10 + and uses variable refresh rate. Console players will appreciate the input delay of 14 milliseconds for this TV and take full advantage of the HDR glow.


Q70 also comes with everything to meet all your broadcast needs. Q70 creates a private watch list based on watch habits in all your apps. It also works with all smart home assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. It is definitely one of the smartest TVs.

And most importantly, Samsung is casting the terrifying One Connect Q90 box outside, so all your connections go straight to the back of the TV. I’ve always enjoyed what Samsung has tried except for One Connect by connecting everything to an easy-to-use cable hub. The only problem is that your TV has become unusable when it is down. Q70 is a premium TV that won’t go bankrupt.

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8



Hisense 55H8G is almost the cheapest 4K HDR game TV you can buy, and it only costs $ 600 for a 55-inch TV. While you can assume that it can only meet the strict minimum requirements for HDR, it actually gets pretty cool at 700 nits. It also contains 70 local gradient areas so your image contrasts with blacks.

In partnership with Quantum Dot technology, Hisense H8G supports a variety of HDR standards, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 + and HLG. Players will also love this TV having a best game mode with low input delay, and you’ll get a clean version of Android so you can download any of your favorite broadcast apps and even some games. .


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