For any business or organization or even just an exhibitor participating in a tradeshow event or a business gathering, there are a multitude of options available when going for custom table covers that has your logo and business information on it.

Over the course of just a few years, the transformation in the printing methods has amassed significantly. In the past, table covers would be decorated through screen printing which would add your business/company logo to a soft piece of fabric.

Then came along the method of heat pressing, which would add a great number of colors, offer exciting designs but was still restricted to a specific space where you would add your logo and company information.

Now, table covers are mostly printed through dye sublimation, which adds more color and posture to the fabric, has no unlimited printing areas with a lot of creative room to play for. That being said, you have the power to print almost anything related to your business, and it will not tear or fade away that easily.

With dye sublimation printing emerging as the leading contender for printing in 2020, this particular printing method takes a giant roll of white fabric and prints the designs and colors digitally. The printing experts use up-scale and cutting edge printing techniques to produce quality printing which adds depth to the design.

This major advancement in sublimation printing is supposedly a major breakthrough since this form of printing has been a little expensive in the past. There were just a handful of printing experts and suppliers offering the services, but now, almost every printing company offers sublimation.

Coming back to the topic, how many types of table covers are present in the market? Let us find out.

Types of table covers

  1. Throw poly-knit drape table covers

If you have ever visited a tradeshow fair or a marketing event, you may have seen different businesses covering up their booth with personalized table covers. These drape table covers are exactly what we see at functions, parties, and events. 

Affordable, completely customizable, and easily accessible, you can decorate it the way you want. The best part about these table covers is that they are not restricted to a specific size. You can choose it for any standard table. 

One of the reasons why it is called a drape table cover is because the style just hangs like a drape falling onto the floor.

  1. Stretch side table covers

In recent times, stretch-style table covers are getting a lot of attention. These table covers share a lot of similarities with fitted-table covers but is usually printed on a different style of fabric. Normally, the drape style and the fitted style is printed on poly-knit, but the stretch-style table covers are printed on a multi-stretch fabric.

The best part about these table covers is that their fabric is similar to the spandex allowing you to print colorful shades and designs that you will not be able to print on other fabrics. As of now, these table covers were pretty expensive, but the costs have been greatly reduced thanks to the changes in printing methods and technology.

  1. Fitted poly-knit table covers

Fitted poly-knit table covers are a little different from the other types of table covers. They are a lot more finished than the other table covers; their sides are stitched to perfection and fit perfectly on the table.

With these table covers, all the designs are printed in one go. However, the upper area of the fabric with other sides are cut and stitched together to create well-fitted angles giving a more fitted look once it is placed on the table.

Mostly available in poly-knit fabric, you can choose the decoration option according to your budget since this fabric is the most compatible and affordable fabric present in the market.

Table covers offer a unique perspective in the tradeshow events, business promotions, charity events, or company parties. You can print anything, and the results will always come out great. Regardless of anything extra, this affordable advertisement setup will never go hefty on your pocket and will give maximum exposure to your brand and your business.

Customize yours today, and get your branding and business promotions up to speed.

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