Are you using these “damaging” words in emails? (Delete them now)

While some people don’t want to see your marketing emails, about 72% of people still prefer to communicate with companies via email. So in order to maximize your chances of getting the attention of your audience, there are some email etiquette and word moderation you must follow

  1. Professional jargon (slang)

The # 1 law overall for email copywriting and marketing:

Speak the language your audience is speaking.

You don’t write this email to show how smart you are, and how many phrases you know about the industry. That’s not what people need; they want to check emails they can understand.

You have to attract them for three seconds so keep to terms that everybody knows. Average consumers are unfamiliar to the technological vocabulary and specialized jargon. Concentrate instead on their specific problems and tell them how your brand or product can solve their problems and also save their time and money.

Just. Simple. Briefly. Smart. Easy to scan and figure out what they want from you.

Talk about perks rather than characteristics: it will help you find customer-focused words, rather than your own awesomeness. Since marketing emails need to be short, this is where your every word counts:

Use the colloquial tone.

Respond to emotions through the use of sensory words and comparisons, and other literary techniques.

Say “you” and “your” to just let readers know that this email is about them, not “we” and “our.”

Use constructive verbs and words of influence to inspire movement on them.

Ignore about marketing buzzwords and clichés: readers aren’t dumb and they are already fed up with sleazy marketing strategies.

  1. Words that waste time

You know, good subject lines and versatility help to increase the degree of transparency. But it’s not enough to get people to open your marketing campaign.

You got ta make them read it out. And having read this, take the action you want. Look more at the words you use in email bodies for that and make sure the followers aren’t annoyed or wasting their time. Consumers don’t really read the text nowadays. Instead of spending 15-20 seconds on a tweet, they test it. So if your advertising email is too big and full of wateriness, chances are strong for those who will ignore it.

  1. Use of  Superlatives

I think superlatives don’t. They only bring generalization to your copy of your email.

We consider it to be information.

Saying your brand is “innovative,” “revolutionary,” “outrageous,” or “the best” won’t get your advertising campaign far away. Let it speak for itself; show, do not say it is the best.

Superlatives are among the worst words to use in sales writing.

Translate it into detail so that the readers can see why you are the best. People aren’t fools and only because you say so, they won’t believe you ‘re creative and groundbreaking.

No: “Your landing page ‘s affordable templates.” Yes: “Choose a template for a $1.99 landing page”

  1. Use of Spam words

You know email is the most profitable marketing channel, with a 4400% ROI.You know the open rate is on average 25 per cent, making emails twelve times more accessible than Facebook messages.You also know all of this leads to incredible spammer pizzazz, making your emails vulnerable to filters. Long story short, misspelled words in your subject lines or email bodies make your message vulnerable to spam.Filters are rigorous, triggered by certain words, burying inboxes of users of your marketing emails. Spam words are numerous, and understanding and avoiding all in emails is nearly impossible; and yet, you should do your best to cross the most commonly used.

  1. Multiple CTAs

Way back in 2014, Neil Patel linked us all in a candy shop with kids:

“When you take a kid to a candy store, what happens? Not knowing what to do, right? The explanation is they have too many options and they’re not sure which one is the right option.

Same goes for numerous CTA buttons for your promotional emails. Giving users too many choices or demanding too much details will dramatically reduce your conversion.

Reduce your CTAs from four to one — and your email’s CTR will rise by 42 per cent! 

Pick the requested response you need correct now for that, and restrict your email to that one. Linking to it in 2-3 different locations of the email is good, but that connection should lead an user to one endpoint.

Food for Thought

Speak with the public in the same language. Keep to terms that everybody knows and keep your email quick yet informative.

Be specific: avoid the superlatives and common terms that do not offer a reader any interest. Beware of the term spam.

Get the CTA as clear as possible. When you want to maximize sales from the email marketing, stop several calls to action.

Choose perceptual, power words to trigger the recipient’s emotional reaction, and promote them to act after having read your email.

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Joy smith is a Business Manager at Magneto IT Solutions – a Software development company in Bahrain offers quality Iphone Application  Development, react js development,android app development, magento migration, mobile app development services. The company has experienced Laravel developers for hire at a very affordable price. He is a firm believer in teamwork; for him, it is not just an idea, but also the team’s buy-in into the idea, that makes a campaign successful! He’s enthusiastic about all things marketing.


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