You can feel love in the air when in Malaysia! When you need to splurge a reasonable justification, so is it. Give your love life a lift, mix things up and go on a beautiful journey with your significant other. If you’re trying to court your sweetheart, rekindle the fire in your friendship, celebrate a special moment (dare we propose a fantastic idea in a cosy holiday setting?), or just indulge yourself; the cosy in you can enjoy this list of poetic escapees and maybe even leaf out. We provide Malaysia honeymoon packages from India and also check out the most romantic places that one should spend time in Malaysia!

  1. Pangkor Island

Only a fast ferry ride from Lumut, this island features some of Malaysia’s most stunning beaches. Nipah Beach is the ideal destination for honeymooners to prepare for. Small islets with beautiful corals, crabs, and sea cucumbers contribute to this island’s sparkle. It is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Malaysia.

  1. Mabul Island

Starring pristine beaches with coconut trees, gentle white sand and sapphire water, this remote island in Malaysia is another best place for honeymoon searching for a non-cliche experience. The lack of tourism at this location will ensure absolute privacy and make your journey one of its kind.

  1. Kapas Island

Not that famous but Kapas for a magical honeymoon is certainly one of Malaysia ‘s best islands. Soft white sandy beaches, palm trees and vivid flora and fauna, it has all the natural wonders. The laid-back feel would make this a great escape for your ride. Please make sure that you opt this on your honeymoon list in Malaysia.

  1. Lake KenyirlackImage Credits: Google Images

If you thought that Malaysia was all beaches, rainforests and mountains, this lake hidden away from the bustling cities is Lake Kenyir, one of Malaysia’s offbeat honeymoon destinations. Should we mention that you should live in a typical boathouse, too, and even go fishing? Okay, not just that, the views of the sunrise are stunning and something you can’t just ignore.

  1. Redang Island

This is one of Malaysia’s best destinations for couples looking to enjoy a beach holiday together with exciting events. Not only is the island renowned for picturesque scenery and relaxed vibes, but it is also popular for providing heart-throbbing experiences such as snorkelling and diving. It has many beaches and is an exclusive destination and you can make the most of your time. Hold this in your list of Malaysia ‘s Best Honeymoon Destinations.

6.Sabah River Safari

This river safari suits the need for all newlyweds who want to explore nature curiously. If you enjoy biodiversity and even Malaysia’s national parks won’t be enough then go on a seductive river safari down the Kinabatangan River to witness biodiversity to nature in its full glory. For all the honeymoon sites in Malaysia, this one you will take. Sabah River Safari takes you to some of Malaysia’s very romantic honeymoon spots.

  1. Banjaran Titiwangsa

    bhanjanaImage Credits: Google Images

Banjaran Titiwangsa, also recognized as The Main Range, is one of those charming places to explore in Malaysia that will take care of your senses and give you like never before. This is Peninsular Malaysia ‘s highest contiguous woodland area and it extends for around 500 kilometres. This also serves as the country’s largest water reservoir.

  1. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highland is a perfect hill honeymoon destination with tea trees, green valleys and hillslopes. The cool climate in the other areas of Malaysia is a welcome change from the desert. This is also the location of a wondrous ecosystem that for nature lovers is a dream come true. So if you are doing a couple of backpacking in Malaysia this will top the list.

  1. Malacca

    malascaImage Credits: Pixabay

If you’ve been hunting for offbeat places to visit for a honeymoon in Malaysia then Malacca is what you’ve needed. Based on Malaysia’s western side, Malacca (Melaka in Malay) is at once a representation of Dutch, French, Portuguese and Malaysian history. With a very lively night market and some wonderful places to visit in Malacca, this city will surely be on your itinerary.

  1. Port Dickson

And not just some other holiday spot! Port Dickson is unique, and is a coastal resort that is available. The beaches here are not limited to just one place but are scattered over the length of the road and if you intend a budget trip then this is your destination! Furthermore, if you want one of Malaysia ‘s beautiful honeymoon destinations then Port Dickson serves the intent!

Finding this guide useful? Whether it’s the isolated beaches or the busy towns, Malaysia has it all and it ‘s awesome! Are you pumped up about travelling and enjoying all those honeymoon spots with your loved one in Malaysia? Check some of the best Malaysia packages with Pickyourtrail and book your dream honeymoon vacation now!

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