An image can be worth a thousand words

It can be assured that, in the coming months, the content in videos or images will undoubtedly surpass the written content , since it tends to be more interesting, more captivating and appealing to anyone; An image can be worth a thousand words.

One of the reasons for this cause is the progressive increase in video platforms. It is not only that every time you can upload videos to more spaces, but also that you can upload more types of videos and achieve more and more varied results with them .

SEO Marketing connected to the semantic market

SEO Marketing is a fundamental tool, all you have to do is find the ideal way to make this possible and improve your methods more and more, thereby making yourself known to the world and making your content popular, but always evolving, each time looking for different ways to improve your SEO tools.

Nowadays, selecting your SEO Marketing to “conversational queries”, to give answers to the searches and real concerns of your users, will be decisive to position yourself masterfully above your competition.

When researching and searching for keywords , you should identify the keywords that help search engines decode the content of your website , through a connection with semantic SEO , when you perform SEO On-Page optimization (optimization of your page website for good web positioning).

SEO Marketing remarkably continues to evolve more and more, but semantic search makes Keyword Research – or keyword research – more important than ever. Instead of focusing on a few words and phrases, broaden the spectrum with derived keywords (or longtails ). It also includes conversational phrases that users would use to search for your product or service.

It should be mentioned that the appearance of your website and its content is extremely important . Aesthetics is undoubtedly a feature that will classify your web page as any page or as a relevant, eye-catching and captivating page for Internet users, giving a professional image.

As you can see, both the keywords, the design and the content of your website are fundamental aspects for your business to be successful on the Internet since it is useless for your Internet users to access your page and immediately leave it. The main objective is that they stay and can appreciate each of the content that you have published, buy your service or product and, in addition, share your content, giving you a high score as a benchmark in the sector.

The reality of SEO Marketing in mobile searches

Another way to see SEO Marketing and which is almost the epicenter today, is mobile search , since they have been ahead of searches from computers and tablets.

Google has presented data where, today, there are more visits to the Internet by users from mobile phones than through computers.

Since the beginning of global globalization, people have been using their mobile phones more and more, for almost all their daily tasks, and Google being one of their best friends. I dare to say “friend” because, for any type of interest, information or doubt, users always turn to this search engine.

So the present future is mobile SEO , and not having the mobile at the center of the strategy is a serious mistake. Visit here to get the best mobile SEO services/ marketing in Lahore.

Not all SEO Marketing is for Google …

Another crucial point is that you should not only trust that Google will redirect users to your website at all times, but if you want to be successful, you must look for other ways to flow visits. How? One of the ways is to promote your website yourself , making it popular yourself, sharing the information on each of the social networks and pages that is possible.

Social networks nowadays play an extremely essential role , since it is like the “daily bread” for almost everyone, and through them all kinds of information and websites can be made known. It is an important way to redirect potential clients of your company to your website.

Social networks must always be present in SEO Marketing strategies . Today we have no choice but to listen to them, since their presence is key when indexing and positioning our web content in web search engines such as Google.

The only way to get significant SEO traffic (organic) on our website today is also to promote it and expand the links to our website, a practice known as Link Building .

You always have to be constantly searching for new ways and tools for your SEO Marketing strategy. For example, it is not only important to optimize your website and social networks, you must think of any means through which your content can reach the hand of people interested in what you offer.

We can mention on this occasion the mobile applications (Apps), which are developing virally in each of the mobile devices. Google has been indexing Apps in recent times, and will do so more in the future, since it is considered that Apps will become the most relevant medium in terms of Internet traffic on the web as always.

If Apps are increasingly important, their influence is increasing, so having a presence in them is, therefore, to be taken into account as well.

Email marketing is key in SEO Marketing

We must also think that although the traffic to your website is massive, how to maintain it? How to continue growing?

One of the SEO Marketing strategies is to continue with the evolution of your strategy, generating new content, new methods, new designs and something very important: being in contact with your customers and users .

Because what if you had 50,000 readers waiting to read your new article? To read it, to talk about it, and to write about it. That would be like a dream come true that, for each new article that you are going to upload to your website, those people were waiting.

You can try to keep in touch with your subscribers, so that they feel persuaded and in communication with you, with an email list. Thus, by building the email list, you increase the possibilities of linking more with your subscribers and keeping them pending on your website and its news.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to see benefits, for the visibility and presence of your website, and should go hand in hand with SEO Marketing.

The email list helps the SEO Marketing of your website . It is a continuous cycle that continues to grow, however, we must not forget that the final objective, rather than gaining subscribers, is to achieve sales for your business. Hence the importance of SEO.

The growing importance of local SEO Marketing

Last but not least, I would like to mention local SEO , which is already an impressive event, being the reality that you have to position yourself according to geographic criteria , since search engines try to provide solutions and answers to users who are increasingly more specific in relation to their environment.

Mobile devices make searching for any specific web page already very different from what they did in the past.

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