The main reasons for the deposition of excess body fat. What has a greater impact on the development of obesity – human genetics, diet or lifestyle?

1: A sedentary lifestyle

It is important to understand that a sedentary lifestyle and a sedentary lifestyle are one and the same. Even if you exercise two or three times a week, but sit on the way to work, then at the office, then on the way home, you still move extremely little.

Physical activity is necessary for the body not in order to “burn calories”, but for health in the broadest sense of the word. Strength training increases your stamina, jogging can help normalize your blood sugar levels, and frequent walks can improve your posture.

2: Eating habits

Often, family eating habits have a greater impact on body shape than genetics. If you are used to starting your day with sweet pastries for breakfast and ending the evening with a hearty three-course dinner with dessert, you will get fat.

There is no need to say “everyone in our family is full,” and to blame the ignorance of the banal rules of healthy eating on genetics. Remember that the quantity and quality of food consumed is much more important for building a toned figure than exercise.

3: Sugar

Trying to choose the most harmful food for the figure and health, you can almost certainly name sugar. There are studies showing that it is he who is the cause of the epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, to all appearances, sugar substitutes can cause even greater harm to the body – from chemical xylitol and sorbitol, and ending with “natural” fructose and stevia. It’s best to avoid artificially sweetened foods altogether.

4: Fear of Fatty

If you are sure that the consumption of dietary fat leads to the gain of subcutaneous fat – you need to reconsider your point of view. People who choose a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet will lose weight, while those who cut fat and choose carbohydrates will gain weight.

In addition, you need to know which fats and in what quantity are bad and which are good. For example, margarine and the trans fats it contains are orders of magnitude more harmful than regular butter, and consumption of olive oil does not lead to fat gain.

5: Belief in Myths

Agree that eating a whole cake in the morning and convincing yourself at the same time that “morning calories burn faster and are not stored in fat”, you are to some extent engaged in self-deception. The same applies to the rules “do not eat after six” and separate meals. Just like many people won’t learn what is Kush and without any basis declare it totally harmful to body.

You need to understand that it is more important not how often and consistently you eat food, but how much and what you eat. In theory, one meal a day just before bed can be healthier than a fractional meal – it all depends on what you eat.

6: Belief in a magic supplement

A continuation of the belief in food myths is the belief that you can eat just about anything, not do any physical exercise, but take the Magic Pill, which will change everything and make your body both lean and athletic.

There is a whole industry that produces hundreds of different “weight loss” supplements, all united by one fact – they either don’t work, or they work, but have dire health consequences. Don’t try to fool yourself and don’t believe in magic.

7: Belief in Diet

One of the main mistakes of losing weight is trying to achieve quick results with the help of willpower, in order to then return to the usual rhythm of life. For the sake of losing the hated pounds, people are ready to starve and exhaust themselves by running, but they are not ready to just eat normally.

Interestingly, the Greek word Dianita originally denoted an order or way of life, and not at all a list of allowed foods and recommendations for proteins and carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight and stay slim, you don’t need a diet, you need a lifestyle change.

When trying to lose weight, always remember that you are going to meet your genetics, because a person is not created to be fat. However, in order to lose weight, you will have to reconsider your eating habits and activity level for life.


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