5 Digital Marketing Tools to use in 2021

Digital marketing is the most popular marketing in today’s context. Similarly, we simply have to implement and indulge in online marketing, being a business owner in today’s world. So, we ourselves will need to become digital marketers right away if we haven’t become one yet. This is because your business won’t be able to last in this digitally advancing world without becoming a part of the digital marketplace. In addition, we can also take help from various digital marketing tools, which helps in our online promotions. We will see some popular digital marketing tools in these articles.

About Digital Marketing

Before diving into the tools, let us begin by knowing a little about digital marketing itself. This sort of marketing approach can simply be defined as the promotions which will take place in the digital mediums. In addition, the internet is the must-have component to carry out any digital marketing activities. This is because all the marketing channels that are supported by online marketing works with the help of the internet.

Similarly, the ease and advantages that come from digital marketing are also unparalleled to any other form of marketing. With this sort of promotion, we can run the ads in a much cost-friendly and effective manner.

Above all, the flexibility that digital marketing offers to marketers is also unlike in any other marketing forms. Now, we can run the advertisement campaigns in any manner that we want. Similarly, we can set up and run the ads and campaigns according to any parameters we need. From the audience’s age, sex, interests, locations, and other key demographics, all these things can be set up.

Hence, digital campaigns have proved to be much more efficient than others. In addition, we can also see all the details about the performance of our ads. More impressively, we can make the corrections in our campaigns to make sure that they run to their best abilities.

Digital Marketing Tools to use in 2021


This is a tool that will help your business grow, no matter what stage your business is at. HubSpot presents users with many tools to help grow their business and marketing efforts. In addition, we can even take full advantage of several tools that have been made available for free. Everything from the web and pop-up forms, live chatbots, email marketing, etc. can be implemented using HubSpot. So we can see this platform as being an all-in-one tool that will help grow traffic, get leads, and eventually get great ROIs. So make sure to use it.


Ahrefs is a tool that will help to boost a website’s traffic. Basically, Ahrefs can be thought of as an ocean of keywords. Ahrefs holds data for about 150 million keywords and relevant to use in more than 150 nations across the world. This makes Ahrefs a tool you cannot afford not to have. Similarly, we can also do thorough competitor analysis using Ahrefs and plan our development. Above all, when performing SEO, this tool is needed almost on a daily basis. So get your Ahrefs right now.


Well, Yoast, a fairly simple thing, but it is something that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. It is basically just a free plugin for WordPress. WordPress platform is one of the most popular platforms for websites today, and most websites are based upon it. Even though it is a free tool, we can also get several other premium packages and services that will help improve our sites. Almost all the on-page optimization tasks can be fulfilled using Yoast’s services. From optimizing the content, setting up web pages, meta-tags, URLs, meta-descriptions, etc. all can be maintained using SEO. Therefore, make sure to get your content readability and on-page SEO up to a point with Yoast.


This is a simple drag-and-drop designing platform that allows us to create all different types of graphics. Often, for small businesses who are carrying out minor marketing themselves, graphics is a big challenge. Canva can be the solution for it. From customized images, gifs, and other graphics can be created according to any sizes we want to implement them in our ads and promotions. Similarly, we can even go for the premium package and use all the best designs it has to create the best possible graphics. So, practice using Canva, make alluring graphics, and cut out the need for designers and save money.

Google Analytics

Well, Google Analytics is the go-to tool for all digital marketing procedures. Google Analytics is an indispensable tool that cannot be missed out on by anyone in digital marketing. In addition, its details and stats is the gold-standard for website analysis. Everything from who’s visiting our websites, which pages they are spending most of their time at, etc. all these can be tracked, and we can then perform necessary actions to better our campaigns.


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