Top Five Pros And Cons Of Rag And Bone Sherpa Hat


Most modern men’s hats are made of man-made materials, with a light weight and soft feel. In addition to being safer, these types of hats are more comfortable, allowing them to be worn more often than traditional felt styles. Unfortunately, when wear and tear begins occurring on these hats, it can detract from their original look and wear away the mane. Rag & Bone Sherpa is a popular choice for those looking for something different than the norm without sacrificing quality or safety. It uses a combination of wool and cotton that create a warmth that is inherent in the fabric itself with an additional silk lining for added comfort. Rag and bone sherpa hat is popular for their comfort, formality, and appearance. Is it worth a try? Then you should know its pros and cons.


1) Slight Shearling Look Without the Neoprene Flap

Rag & Bone’s first hat incorporates shearling without the annoying Neoprene flap that so many other brands do. The wool/cotton blend is warm without being overly thick or bulky and is softly styled for an easygoing look. This material also adds to the lightweight feel of the hat, because it does not draw in heat like most wool felt hats do.

2) Interior Silk Lining

One of the biggest complaints about felt hats is that they are uncomfortable, usually because they are too thin. Rag & Bone Sherpa addresses this problem by adding a silk lining to the inside of the hat, which makes it soft and cozy like your favorite sweatshirt. This lining also removes any issue with feeling hot and sweaty at the forehead, an issue that many wool felt that users have had throughout time. The softness of the lining is also an aesthetically pleasing element that adds a nice touch to the overall look.

3) Modern Fit

Another thing that almost every hat wearer has to deal with is a hat that is too large or too small. Rag & Bone cultivates the modern fit, which allows you a better fit so that you can wear it often and not have to pull your head back or adjust any other part of the hat every time you put it on. The simple and clean design does not attempt to be something more dignified than it actually should be, allowing buyers to wear this piece and feel confident in the first impression they make. This also makes it very versatile when paired with different outfits.

4) Formality Level

In the past, most felt hats were considered only for casual wear, but times have changed. Modern consumers are looking for a piece that can be worn to the office without being labeled as sloppy. Rag & Bone Sherpa is a good choice because it looks professional with a suit and tie or during more casual gatherings. It’s simplicity allows it to be worn in any situation and look appropriate while still adding your own individual style.

5) Easy Maintenance

After wearing and using the hat, you can clean it just like any other wool felt hat. This allows for a simple and seamless maintenance process that does not require too much effort and does not damage the hat in any way. Most felt hats are not designed to be this easy to clean because most consumers do not have time to get all the lint out of their hat after wearing it for a few hours. The easy maintenance feature of this product is what makes it an attractive option.


1) Unpopular Material Mix

As stylish and popular as Rag & Bone has gotten, their hats are still not a top choice for the majority of wearers. The material mix of wool and cotton causes some hat enthusiasts to feel that it is not actually a real felt hat, but at the same time many believe the warmth and comfort are more than enough to make up for this fact. As time passes, this argument is sure to become more one-sided.

2) Lack of Shape Variation From Hat to Hat

Due to the nature of felt in general, there can be some variation in shape from hat to hat. Because of this, if you like a hat and the shape of it, then you have to be okay with it not fitting exactly how you want it to. The shape of Rag & Bone does not allow for much variation either way. This is an issue that is more easily overlooked for hats that have something completely different about them, but can be a deal-breaker for some buyers who are looking for something perfectly uniform from one hat to another.

3) Longer Wear Time

As mentioned above, this hat does not require any adjustment over time because there is no Neoprene flap. This means that the hat will not “wear out” or lose it’s shape over time. However, the wool and cotton blend means that the hat will have to be cleaned much more often than a felt hat. This means more effort and time spent washing, but it does make the overall wear time of the hat much longer. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning a felt hat, this is the perfect option.


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