Stand-out Features of Multi specialty attorney You Should Know

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Lawyers are a necessity in modern society. Whether you are looking for a family lawyer, personal injury lawyer, or multi specialty attorney portal; it is important to know what to look for before choosing one.

In this post we will go over the different features of multi-specialty attorneys and how they can help your case. We will also go over risks and benefits of hiring them as well as their cost when compared to other lawyers in your area.

1. Multi-specialty and Certified Lawyers

Most Lawyers are generalists. This means they can look at your case and decipher what the best course of action is to reach a favorable outcome. A multi-specialty attorney is different in that they specialize in more than one field of law. Types of fields they are qualified in can be anything from criminal law to family law to immigration. This makes them more focused over other attorneys because they have more experience with different types cases.

Multi-specialty attorneys who have been certified through a governing body like the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NATA) or J.A.I.L (Jewish Association for Law and the Jewish Institute of Religion) also have a higher level of experience with these fields. They are better trained in how to handle these types of cases and know how to take an aggressive or defensive stance when it comes to defending their clients.

2. Traumatized Clients

There’s a reason why the word “trauma” is added at the end of so many multi-specialty lawyers’ names. These attorneys work specifically with people who are traumatized in some way. They can help people who have been sexually abused, sustained physical injuries, or even have been in prison for a long time. Not only are multi-speciality attorneys trained to understand traumatized clients, but they are also trained in what family law, personal injury, and criminal law entails.

3. Child Custody and Divorce

Multi-specialty lawyers specialize at helping people acquire child custody or in divorce cases. A divorce attorney is not obligated to work with you if there are no children involved, whereas a multi-specialty attorney must work with you if you have children involved. They know how to file a high-quality child custody case including how to prevent any line of questioning from their opponent. This can make the entire process much easier for the client since they can rest assured that their attorney is doing everything he or she can on their behalf.

4. Managing the Financial Aspect

While you may be worried about losing your home in a divorce or even paying for legal fees, a multi-specialty attorney understands the financial burden you are going through. They will take this into account during settlement talks and make decisions that consider your financial situation as best as possible. This includes deciding whether or not you are able to retain certain assets like property or other items at hand. Because of their knowledge of different laws, they know what types of questions to ask for the opposing party to reveal any financial mismanagement in their statements.

5. Flexibility

A multi-specialty attorney will be more familiar with what a certain case entails. They know what type of evidence to include, how to handle certain situations, and how to make things as simple for their client as possible. They will present things in a way that your opponent doesn’t understand and knows how to strategize around the facts and figures presented. The goal is to have your opponent take the blame for everything you are going through instead of you as the client.

6. Substance Abuse Counseling

Many multi-speciality lawyers work with substance abuse counseling centers within their practice. They may bring in clients who want to work with a substance abuse counselor to help them manage their addiction. They will know how to frequently counsel these clients and make sure they stay on track with their recovery. This can make things easier for the client and can prevent a relapse.

7. Probation and Pretrial Services

Multi-speciality attorneys sometimes offer services to help people who are on probation or pretrial release, making them more involved in these types of cases than other attorneys that only focus on criminal law.

8. Criminal Defense

There are many cases in which a person needs a criminal defense lawyer in order to avoid conviction or jail time, even if they haven’t been charged yet. In these cases a multi-specialty attorney can save their client a lot of trouble and possibly prevent them from being charged in the first place.

9. Accident Claims and Expenses

Car accidents are common in today’s fast paced world. If you have incurred expenses due to your car accident, you need to file a claim with your insurance company regarding the expenses incurred from the accident. However, if you have been injured in this accident or need medical bills paid for follow up medical attention, then you will need an attorney to file suit on your behalf against the at fault party or entity.


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